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    ……… well……. i guess i first started listening to dino. jr. after school with the other kids. i mean… we didn’t mean anything by it, we were just… y’know… expiramenting. just hanging out and talking about how much we all wanted to have kurt cobains abortion and stuff, i mean we were recreational users. i’d tried sonic youth before and got into that…. yeh, i guess sonic youth was really my gate way into all this…. but i guess things started to get a little bit out of control when i started using fx pedals, i mean i don’t even play an instrument, i just had to have feedback and white-noise constantly, it didn’t matter where i got it anymore. i was hanging around music stores and record shops instead of going to school, i reprogrammed all my car radio stations to static and tore the volume switch off after turning it up all the way.
    that’s when i started getting into the heavier stuff…. like free jazz. claude declue, tim bernes, bill laswell’s major arcana and so forth. i realized i’d hit bottom the day i woke up in a pile of my own filth, chalkboards and finger nails everywhere, with a full body tatoo of static. i mean, i don’t even remember getting it. i’d actually still be there now probably if it hadn’t been for my uncle introducing me to the lord. we sat down and had a long talk and i decided then and there to open my heart and accept johnny cash as my savior.
    that was about 3 years ago.
    i’m doing better now, i mean i still use, but it’s under control…. i mean i can go to a party now and not get carried away.
    things are looking up, i’m studying fine arts in the uk, finishing minors in art history and philosophy, and am probably going to be wrapping up a political science degree sometime in the near future.
    y’know… i think i might actually make it now….



    Welcome aboard, Limey



    Welcome to the boards!



    Hey Tao,

    A full body tattoo of static, sounds pretty cool to me. Welcome to the boards, that white noise deal, gotta love that story…; )




    Damn I’m gonna like this guy/girl.

    Malcolm – limey? That’s not very christian, especially after all the help I offered with your love life problems (how is the splint working?). Not to mention my jokes in your time of need.

    Tao – careful of the "Ich bin ein Berliner" definite article probs – you’ll end up in the same boat as JFK….

    Welcome – have fun. Would love to see a picture of that tattoo.



    Its not christian, and neither am I. . .Besides, I never said YOU were a Limey. consider it a term of endearment



    Tao dude, I wish I had it so easy. Y’see, I too was a user- I had the flange, the modulators, envelope filters, the whole thing… I thought I was ridin’ high, flickin’ the fish, slappin’ the beef, but it got too much for me. One by one, all my fellow fuzz addicts started to fall away… some died, some went mad or blind, and some even started listening to Leonard Cohen. LEONARD COHEN, man, that was a tough time. I didn’t get the easy way out, though, oh no. See we don’t have none of that advance medical technology here in Dingle town, no sir. They just locked me in a room and told me to get on with it. I had the full shit, man- the burning in the ears, continuous mental feedback swirling in my wah-wah glands… then one day it just stopped. It didn’t leave me, I still knew the fuzz was there for me but I had control of it. I had an epiphany concerning a snail and a small pot of jam… long stry, very sticky.

    I just hope peopel such as ourselves can serve as an example to the fuzz-using youth of today. You have the technology, now you must learn how to use it. Stay in school. Stay cool like the cool man says.



    And another thing, Javro- As I recall your advice consisted primarlily of me weeing myself in front of her, No wonder brits are infamous for being unclean

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