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    like I must have mentioned it many times before, I went to London over the last w/e, to see the J show on Saturday, Jan 22nd, in the first place, but also to spend time with walking around & money with shopping & to meet rambleon and her husband John :)

    first of all, no, I bought hardly anything.
    only thing I bought is a pair of piky high black pumps for 20 pounds (impossible to walk in them over longer distances, but shoes like these are not built fot that, anyway :roll: :P)

    In the days before I went, I had made all my friends and coworkers to tell me frequently, not to buy anything in London which I could also buy here in Hamburg, an I guess that prevented me from spending a lot. I mean, the journey itself costed its own amount of money…
    well, there were winter sales in London, and all prices were reduced a lot.
    in Kings road and Oxford street, I went through a big number of regular clothing and shoe shops, but hey, what has been sold there I could also buy here. and I had the feeling that many things will be out of fashion soon, e.g. those boots with the very thin, high heels, so I don’t have to get some in the last minute.
    but it was amusing to check through all these quite different kinds of shops, anyway :)

    thankfully, rambleon has made me long lists with different kinds of shops, also with designer ware or second hand stuff in the "rokit" stores or alongside the Brick Lane in the Eastend. but strangely, the clothes to find there were kind of similar. even the second hand stuff looked quite the same to me, and I guess it has been picked by the shop owners after a similar pattern. For me, all these clothes were too colourful (:roll:), flittering & shimmy.not the kind of stuff I was after (that kind of 60’s clothers doesn’t seem to happen in London nowadays :?) so I carried my money back home without regrets. maybe I have no real money-spending talents :? :?:

    hey, I had a great and amusing time anyway, only my muscles are all sore today, despite all the running & fitness training I went through during the last months. looks like I have to absolve a distinct fitness training for shopping :P

    omg, did I really write so much about clothes? :shock: well, that was how I spent a big part of the time, walking through the shopping areas in London, Kings Road, Oxford Street, Covent Garden, Portobello Road, Brick Lane. Finally, on Sunday I visited Harrods where I’ve never been before. Harrods is all luxury stuff, presented in a very restrained manner, compared to the gorgeousness in the Galeries Lafayettes in Paris.

    I’ve been to London several times before in my life, first time with 16 with school. next time with 19, when I was on a 4 weeks interrail trip through Europe, last time about 1992 with my back-then bf. So, fortunately this meant I didn’t have to go through the Westminster-Buckingham-Windsor etc tourist program.

    Friday evening I met up with rambleon & her husband, and it was so nice & thrilling to meet people whom I never met before personally but exchanged a lot of emails and snail mail with.many big thanks to rambleon for all the caring about my stay there, and I’m really hoping you two would visit me in Germany some time soon :):):!:

    the Hotel Abbey Hotel, where I was staying, was to be called "econo", indeed.
    I can’t complain, as it was the lowest hotel rate I could find (35 pounds a night for a single room including breakfast) and it was right around the corner of the Bush Hall in the vivid & busy and very pleasant quarter Shepherd’s Bush in West London.
    The hotel itself turned out to be tiny, w/o any room service during my 2-nights stay and clean only in a non-clinically-sterile way (to say it carefully). Fun enough was, that the owner (who ran it all on his own) disappeared at breakfast time on both days. Only ringing the doorbell helped me and a handful of other hungry guests to call him out to serve us breakfast.

    the weather was neat with only a few drops of rain, only a bit cold, but still above zero. and that’s good for January. the flight there and back was lovely. It took about 1 hour 40 minutes. on the flight back I even had a seat next to the window and the sight was great, so it was very enjoyable :D

    I wouldn’t regret it for a sec that I went, and the show was awesome, so all in all it was a great w/e :mrgreen:



    Sounds like a perfect weekend, glad you enjoyed the trip 8)

    Shopping all day can really do some damage, good thing you have a couple days off to recover!

    Shame you couldn’t find anything new & exciting, hate when shops all carry the same styles…waste of time & energy, especially when the styles suck :wink: !

    My fav market was Portobello Road, I think the numerous stops at pubs along the way helped with the favorable impression 8)



    yeah, it’s a bummer you didn’t find anything you liked :|

    but thinking about it, london’s awash with colour right now + lots of sparkly, glittery clothes as well …

    not really your scene, eh ? :D


    "rambleon" wrote:
    but thinking about it, london’s awash with colour right now + lots of sparkly, glittery clothes as well …

    not really your scene, eh ? :D

    definitely not :lol: :roll:

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