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    Hey Jeremiah… Remember that time that we glued his pinky to his 3rd finger to screw with his typing? [Best Chris Farley Voice]That was AWESOME![/Farley voice]

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    hello i am rich Jeremiah kidnapped me at a local KMart a couple years ago he forces me to work 14 hours and day and give gruel to eat every night. I tried to escape his evil hand of terror once, but i was caught and punished accordingly(i still have scars on my back). This all started when saw Jeremiah buying some monostat seven i pointed and laughed very nelsonesque (for all you simpsons fan) and he threw a shovel at my head. now i live in a shed in his backyard with three computers that i am forced to type on all day long doctors give my fingers 6 more months till they fall off. but please dont try to help me for this is the only life i know and i wouldnt be able to exist in the outside world now, I love Jeremiah he takes good care of me every 6 months he lets me shave me beard, and he throws me a coke every couple weeks if i meet the quotas, so please do not hate him he is a good man

    (this is all in fun for all of you people with no sense of humor)




    Less fun more typing. You bes’ git back in there b’fore you get you a thrashing!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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