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    I was alone one waking day, walking with a friend that was telling me how he lived in the times of the old, when even ,Animal Chin did not live when all thing’s meant bang rock to rock and stick to stick. He told of an ancient tale of a great man that was to bring happiness to those that sought out eternal love for the 10 string rythym.This was to bring all peace to the land of time, and he was born the little one they called Dinosaur Jr. As I went home I found myself searching for answers to the ancient story. I dug deep in a box of my favorite cereal ,Fruity Pepples and there I found it a little plastic Dinosaur and it spoke great wisdom to all of human belief that there will be a day that I shall grow fruitfully to knowledge of a man called J. Mascis. I was unaware of his becoming and there he stood on a dusty shelf screaming for listening I picked up Little Fury Things, and it rattled a Green Mind that was tightened up, In a Jar man that sure made me Feel the Pain as I flew Sideways on the Wagon trying not to Puke and Cry, but the Thumb stuck out farther than I ever knew. So I then said What Else Is New, and he said Yeah Right I then shouted this is going to be a Throwdown and I am not going to Budge so let’s Keep the Glove ,Kracked and The Little Baby and The Leper said Forget the Swan and this is how it all began.




Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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