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    This is a real easy adjustment and I almost feel completely stupid asking it, but it’s important…

    I had one of my guitars (a 70’s Fender Strat) refinished and I just got it back. The guitar shop did a nice job on the finish but when they put it back together they fucked up my pick-ups. I’ve got three single coils and they didn’t adjust them right. I’m getting a real "fuzzy" tone from them on the clean channel on my amp. I tried adjusting them but I’m not familiar with single coils especially not 3 of them. Anyone have any suggestions for how high and such these puppies should be? [img]images/smiles/icon_redface.gif[/img]


    stuart _c

    This is a very common problem with 3 pick up strats. Every time the sting vibrates near the pickup it is attracted to the magnet which creates that crap sound your talking about. The solution is easy just lower the pickups until you get a clean tone. Normally the bass side will be lower than the treble.

    You might also want to adjust the polepices on the pickups as well to get the most tone of of your guitar.

    fell free to send me an e-mail
    and ill send you a diagram on pole pice adjustment.
    I couldn’t work out how to post it

    [email protected]




    I’ve been playing with it a little today and it’s slowly sounding better. I just get a real fuzzy tone from the bass strings (low E and A) when I hit chords. I checked out a site that stated on strats fender reccomends that the bass pick ups be 5/64" away from the strings and the treble should be 4/64" away. I tried this measurement but I got a crap sound again.

    Thanks for the help. I’ll be contacting you for that diagram soon.

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