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    I was in Paris last weekend, I’ve crossed the whole country to see them for the first time and all I can say that it was great !

    Unfortunately Jay, Lou and murph look tired even if they’ve done a perfect job, I didn’t see any smile on their face… (when you check the tour dates you understand its not just dates but a country running ! they’re on stage everyday !). As I said, it was my first time and I don’t know if the trio is generally most kind with the communicative with the public ?! Songs now, they were just perfect, sounded big and generous and all the classics were played !

    I’ve been waiting some minutes to go backstage but the manager told me they’ve got no time to lose during a world tour like this, I gave him for J my handmade drawing ( my avatar), and asked him to make my telecaster pickguard signed because the gold jazzmaster one was too beautiful ! :D

    here’s a pic with funny signatures from Lou, J and "probably" murph :lol:


    To finish I’ll ask you if you got any email adress where you can be sure to join Jay or the band, just wanna know if he liked the graffiti :oops: ?

    Thank you for reading friends ;) Dino rules



    Everybody Lets Me Down la la la la la… ! :lol:



    AWESOME! i hope thats how its gonna b for my 13th birthday. on nov 20.


    erin the great

    Everybody’s first time is very memorable…somewhat awkward… if you bleed a little that’s normal.

    I’m glad you had a good time! I ran into Murph and Lou a couple times and they’re both really nice guys, being on the road wears your nerves down. J doesn’t seem to stick around after the show too often.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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