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    9:30 club DC Monday:

    Fucking awesome show, 8 hour drive down from mass by myself. met up with a good friend from maryland and went to the show. I was riight in front of Lou, great experience, bass grinding my ears up.

    Setlist (in order for the most part)
    Gargoyle, In a Jar, Lung, Post, Forget the Swan, Little Fury, Repulsion, Raisans, Budge, Bulbs, Kracked, Sludgefeast

    E: Just Like Heaven, Freakscene

    E2: Tarpit, Chunks

    J broke a string during one of the intrumental parts of budge and quickly switched to another jazzmaster just in time to come back for the third chorus. At the end of Kracked j started to do the feedback and go into sludgefeast then realized his guitar was out of tune so he tuned then proceeded into sludgefeast. Fucking Amazing Show.

    Yesterday I came back to Mass to hit up the Northampton Show. This show was fucking crazy awesome.

    In a Jar, No Bones, Mountain Man, Little Fury, Raisans, Budge, Kracked, Sludge, Lung, Gargoyle, Repulsion, Bulbs, Swan

    E: Just Like Heaven, Pointless Intro Tease Thing, Freakscene

    E2: Does it Float?

    I was riiight in front of J it ruled. J used a old red beat up strat during mountain man. Drove the crowd nuts and everyone started pushing each other around, definetely the craziest dinosaur/J mascis show ive ever seen as far as the crowd went. After just like heaven my brother screamed "POINTLESS!!! IM STAAARVING" and lou started playing the pointless bassline, then murph joined in, then j started playing the intro guitar riff a few times through and aborted and went into freakscene. It ruled though, maybe theyll bust it out fully tonight? who knows. Well i could go on and on about the northampton show and how was prolly the best concert i ever saw but i gotta more dinosaur shows to venture to.

    Gotta be on my way to Philly now. More reviews to come.




    it’s so cool catch as many gigs as possible, like you do! do :mrgreen:
    thanks a lot for the reviews, looking forward to reading more :D

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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