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    Suddenly my computer has decided that working flawlessly no longer is an option. It acts up by starting "configuring windows xp professional with frontpage" from time to time when I’m attempting to start up programs. Even though the programs has worked fine for months, and they’re not microsoft programs, and when I close the "configuring dickshit" window the program that I’m attempting to start disappears.
    This does not happen everytime I try to access a program, just with the programs I need right here and now.
    I have not installed or uninstalled anything the last month or so. My virus scans come up empty.
    Any ideas as to fixing this are greatly appreciated.


    Bucky Ramone

    Not an XP user myself, but did some searching on the web:

    Found this, looks a bit like your problem :roll:

    Hope it helps….



    thanks for the link buckmeister! :) I’ll fool around with some ideas presented there, hoping that it’ll do the trick.



    You might want to run SpyBot, if you haven’t already, just to make sure no nasty spyware has sneaked on to your PC.



    I hadn’t tried that, and not sure what it found, but it found a lot! So that was probably a good thing to do.
    thanks mattman! :)



    ad-aware is also good program for all those "spy files".



    I was using ad-aware for a long time, kept it up to date, ran it a couple times a week. Brought my pc in for service, they ran spybot & found 80 files that ad-aware missed :shock:

    My isp recently sent me a copy of spybot to clear up some crap, it worked :aliensmile:

    Hope your pc is ok Robert :!:



    Spybot definetely cleared up some crap on my puter as well. And for a while it all looked fine, now it is doing all sorts of mayhem to itself by itself. So I’ve handed over 3 of my hd’s to the tech-heads, without them everything works so I’m guessing there’s some sort of gestapo stuff going on there. But I trust the nerds will sort it out eventually.



    nerds rule man.

    Go nerds!



    Yeah they certainly do. They’ve saved me, and my puter, more times than I can account for. So I join in on your praise for the nerds :)



    Apparently I’ve gotten my rom flashed or flushed, or perhaps it was my bios, I’m not sure. It’s still not behaving very well though. I’m trying to tell it that it’s very close to getting airborn, but it still doesn’t shape up. Stubborn bastard.
    I have ordered a new motherboard, hoping that it will get things back to normal. If not I’m thinking about dragging it behind my quad through some rocky terrain to show it who’s boss.



    sorry to hear about misbehavig tech environment. :evil: :(
    But good to see you around here again!!! :D:D:D



    What’s really cool about Ad Aware and Spybot is that the latter sees the former as Spyware and will delete it (certain versions).


Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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