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    (cause I gotta brag)

    Digital Camera-tek’nically birthday present
    Pink Floyd sockhat
    New Socks, heavy wool (family tradition)
    $30 in Itunes
    Ipod case.



    liquor, cash, Betty Boop bobble head, Chicago Bear football shaped clock & beer mugs, music, films, cartoons, perfume, bedding, candles, candy, gift cards for chapters book store & starbucks…love their extra caffeinated expresso, quadruple iced latte b4 coming to work tonite 8)



    Guided By Voices-Hardcore UFO`s Box :D :D :D

    Funny story inside the booklet about the Pollard Bros throwing chocolate stars at Squirrel Bait and made them cry :lol:


    "Coma Girl" wrote:
    perfume, bedding, candles, candy

    Those things go well together for Libra’s, and of course Libra’s love books, but A, Since you work ay night, Do you have to find someone to snuggle up with during the "day"? Whoa, thats way to personal, it’s just I spent Christmas night with Libra friend who has that bedroom, perfume, candle, candy thing going so right for her, add flowers in the spring, right.

    My best Christmas gift was seeing baby Oko play baby Jesus on Christmas eve at the only live nativity in Athens. His sister Keeko played Mary because the "other" Mary could not make it. Many people came during the evening and it was very emotional for some when they saw a real baby in her arms. Some very small children asked parents " Is that the real baby Jesus?" Keeko had to keep from laughing out loud, it was a sweet evening. The nativity was cool, with wonderful animals etc….

    Next favorite, having my husband home Christmas day and for the next two weeks, :D , He has been chopping wood and playing with the children. He found some internet radio with the worst ever recorded Christmas songs and subjected us to two hours of them, first hour :lol: , second hour :x . plus good wine, rum, chocolate, friends. Lots of new stuff for the kitchen.



    too much to list, but current favorites are:

    perfect sound forever, the pavement biography.

    cow milkglasses. cows are cool.

    8 cd’s with norwegian fairytales/children stories.

    60’s coke machine, what is it called? you know, those things that are like refrigerators, and you put in some coins and you get a bottle of coke?anyways, I got one of those.

    Orange Chris King fork bearings(I have aboslutely no idea if that’s what it’s called in english.) A perfect match to my orange bontrager.

    Some hard to find turbonegro 7"s



    Dude, Nordic fairy tales own!

    There’s a band called Garmarna who make their way by updating traditional folk songs, some of these songs are pretty sick.

    Actually, they may be Sweedish. Even so, I wish American folk songs had as much bloodshed.


    annastefka…add flowers in the spring, right.

    flowers year round, big white lilies with red gerbera daisies, roses & lots of sprayed exotic greens currently 8) It was a black & white duvet cover, my cat has now rolled all over it leaving tons of ginger colored hair :shock:

    good news I only work p/t, & during the day my charming cat loves to snuggle,…all 23 lbs of him :P

    just had some homemade choc/almond biscotti a g/f made with my hi test caffeine, perfect way to start the day :mrgreen:



    I expirenced a freaky gift of the magi gaon right, as my little sister and i bought each other the same cd, Modest Mouse – Good news for people you love bad news; comedy being that each of us had hoped to obtain a copy of it from the other, many smiles all around.

    My older sister got me Yo La Tengo – I can hear the heart beating as one
    I have never owned one of their albums but i believe this won’t be the only one i obtain as it is quite exceptional, as is Modest Mouse’s new album.


    "likeaghost" wrote:
    My older sister got me Yo La Tengo – I can hear the heart beating as one
    I have never owned one of their albums but i believe this won’t be the only one i obtain as it is quite exceptional, as is Modest Mouse’s new album.

    All the YLT albums are good :) but next you should check out ElectrOPura.Then get President YLT/New Wave Hot Dogs(more jangly but very good),and Painful.

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