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    Another Positive Review of More Light
    Found By The King Of The Reviews [img]images/smiles/converted/cwm8.gif[/img]

    U can Read it Here:
    If only J could have come up with a cracker like this one then his previous band, Dinosaur Jr would have gained the recognition it deserved. If you have never heard of Dino Jr you may not be alone. Even though they had mediocre success they remained outside of mainstream play. It was very unfortunate as J and his critically acclaimed group had one of the most original bands of the 90’s. On he first album since the official breakup of Dino Jr Mascis’ guitar playing is phenomenal and the songs are first rate. This really should put Mascis down as one of the more recent guitar heroes of our time. Just listen to the crunchy "Back Before You Go" and you will be convinced at his humoungous riffs. Somehow he manages such a catchy sound with his lethargic vocals and Neil Young-ish guitars. J Mascis will have a future beyond Dinosaur Jr. It’s a given. I must also mention that My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields helped with the production of the album and the vocals of Guided by Voices’ Bob Pollard can be heard on a couple of tracks..
    (Ultimatum 2000)

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