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    4 the review check this out http://www.music365.com/shownews.php3?SID=52575
    It’s no a positive one, 5/10


    Since I was born I started 2 decay
    Now nothing ever ever goes my way



    Yikes…..again shows you need to look at fan reviews versus people who get paid to go.
    Cool pics thou.




    Everyone’s entitled to their opinion but most of that is just ignorance. They haven’t even bothered to spell George’s last name right!

    Ammaring was amazing and was so easily identifiable that the reviewer must have been deaf (or more likely hadn’t heard the album). Sounds like this hack was at the bar for most of the gig and managed to find out the titles of a few of the tracks in the set to make the review look convincing.

    The intro says it all – rehashed lazy journalism that you see in every other J/Dino review.

    So what if J changes his guitar a lot (I thought it was every song myself) – this is because each song has a different feel and sound to react with J’s pedals and effects and his playing.

    And who were these people with their hands over their ears? I’m sorry – it wasn’t even that loud in front of J’s Marshall stacks!



    You know that the prick who wrote that was a failed musician.

    I totally agree with you, as the first chord of Ammaring hit the crowd, everyone instantly knew what it was (and I for one was delighted). Everyone except this "pro journalist". Why do people like him bother writing, they should just stick to the Jo Wylie school of journalism, whereby any band that no one has ever heard of is the "in thing".

    Right, I’m off to listen to my new "bongo ham sandwich quartet" album.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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