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    Today in the geeky tech section I was talking to Jaron and Tom N about a band in Virginia I heard about,here`s some more Virginia bands of heard of:
    Eggs-from Alexandria but I think they moved to DC after a awhile,formed in the early 90`s,I have their first two albums.
    September 67-Richmond female band,two ladies;not too bad,good songwriting;they`ll problably always get compared to Jewel,David Lowery from Cracker produced the album I have,some Sparklehorse members play on it too.
    The Exploder-From Richmond is what I heard,they play "Screamo rock",very intense emo stuff.They have an EP out called "West End Kids Crusade"(where`s the west end in Richmond,Jaron?)
    Drunk-Charlottesville `s answer to the Palace Brothers,folk indie stuff.
    Silver Jews-A Pavement side project originally(Malkmus went to University in Charlottesville),featuring the songwriting talents of DC Berman(who was never in Pavement,some other Pavement guys backed him up on early releases)
    Sparklehorse-the project of Mark Linkous,sometimes slow acoustic,sometimes rockin guitar music.
    Hurricane Lamps-I talked about them today



    Needless to add since most everyone knows them:

    Dave Matthews Band

    There’s a growing metal scene in Richmond I must add, Optic, Animostiy, Tears Will Drown – all very good. [img]images/smiles/converted/smile.gif[/img]



    There’s also Eddie From Ohio( who took their name from Mike Watt’s fIREHOSE cd) who do the indie-folk thing. They do all their own booking, merch, and even put out and finance the records themselves. They just played Wolftrap a few days ago, so needless to say everyone thinks they’re alright.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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