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    Muse review of More Light


    J Mascis & The Fog – "More Light" (City Slang)

    J Mascis once said that the older you get, the worse you get at playing guitar. Whether or not the elder statesman of stoner grunge still holds this opinion isn’t really the point. The ‘axe’ is still Mascis’ primary tool and from it he wrenches discordant squiggle after discordant squiggle like he’s auditioning for Crazy Horse. He’s certainly good at it. The problem is, like latter day Dinosaur Jr., it all begins to blur into one big wall of mush after a while. There’s a sense of hopelessness about "More Light". Nearly every song is a burnt-out eulogy to age, dead love, displacement, being pissed, out of time, thoroughly lost. J takes us through the motions with that frazzled croak and an array of guitar sounds that sways from slow and grungy to piercing metal to wildly sonic. That said, there are still shades of J’s trademark pop slant, such as the woozy "Can’t I Take This On" and the sun-scorched slacker grooves of "Waistin". But "More Light" wears you down with its lethargic ways. We still haven’t figured out who The Fog are. Perhaps it’s the name of J’s guitar.

    – Leagues O’Toole

    Sometimes all I really want to feel is love
    Sometimes I’m angry that I feel so angry
    Sometimes my feelings get in the way
    Of what I really feel I needed to say

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