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    I´ll go there.

    any other people?



    I was there. actually I´m still listening to it (taped it to DAT tuned out A).

    It was a unique show. but I had the impression, that J wasn´t at his best.
    he seemed a bit confused and frustrated. maybe it was because of the tour isn´t going very well.
    when they opened the venue there were still 390 of 450 tickets left I have been told (I donno if it´s true).
    there were about 200-250 people in the club I think.
    J screwed up some songs, and had problems playing in some loops, he played solos over.

    his pedal board was:
    Boss TU-2 –> Z. Vex Lo Fi Loop Junky –> Ibanez AD-9 (his one as more orange than pink though) –>Z. Vex FUZZ FACTORY

    I also got his picks after the show.

    I asked him before the show to sign my ticket, but I was told by some guy to retry after the show. as the show was over I didn´t want to ask him again, because he didn´t seem to be very happy. maybe I did missinterprete his mood (I never met him before), but I thought it would be better not to get on his nerves.



    I also attended J’s session last night. I really wasn’t sure how the Dinosaur-songs would sound when a single man with his guitar (and some pedals) plays them.

    But it was phantastic …

    As MVCG stated, J seemed to be a bit bored; and the people in Munich are not known to be the most phantastic guests for such kind of a show. BTW: As far as I remember the songs J played where the same as in Hamburg (as posted here in this BBS in another thread).

    The songs were great, so was the sound and it was a perfect reminiscence of the 1991 Dinosaur jr. concert in my beloved Theaterfabrik …



    But glad you enjoyed the show anyhow. did he play any riffs from the first album , besides from `Repulsion´?
    he surprised me with `mountain man ´when he played in oslo friday the 13th of Dec. :o



    I cannot remember, but I was to the toilet during the time when according to the Hamburg playlist he should have played ‘Quest’.

    Yes, I know, I have a really bad timing …



    hey MVCG-17002 & z80crew, thanks a lot for the impressons of the Munich gig! :mrgreen:

    I’m not a guitar player but I could imagine that those guys could be grateful for your exact description of the pedal settings, MVCG-17002 :D

    and wow, you’ve got an A class recording :!: :?: :? :o 8) now that could be a reason to become jealous …. :| :P

    … let’s not forget that J had a hell of a schedule after he had to undergo surgery in November….

    (a bad timing, indeed, z80crew ;) :shock: :roll:)



    if someone sets up an ftp somewhere, I could upload a cd image of that show, to make it avaiable for everyone.
    maybe I should take a look in the trading forum.




    Here´s the setlist:

    Someone Said
    Whatelse Is New
    Everybody Let´s Me Down
    Flyin´ Cloud
    If That´s How It´s Gotta Be
    Little Fury Things
    The Lung/Just Like Heaven
    Get Me
    Not You Again

    The Wagon

    My MD recording turned out A- – I was standing directly under the left PA speaker at the stage so I picked up quite a bit of J´s guitar sound from the stage, which is cool, because you can hear his picking.
    The only bad part was when the woman in front of me started asking me something during Little Fury Things so that stuff got on the recording.
    The audience was pretty quiet during the first half of the set, but started chatting through the 2nd part. But not as noisy as in Cologne.
    Before the show you could see J through the window sitting backstage, playing guitar and laughing, wearing a purple wool hat.



    I was standing on the right side on the big stairs.

    my setup was: Sony ECM-MS907 -> Sony TCD-D8

    after listening again to the recording I noticed a slight distortion on some loud parts (vocals mostly). :(

    but that´s something you won´t notice if you don´t pay attention.


    where are you from?
    do you tape a lot?

    and thanks fo the tracklist, I would not have been able to figure all out by myself



    @ MVCG-17002:

    Actually I´m from Recklinghausen (Ruhrgebiet – near Dortmund), but I currently live in Muenchen-Sendling. I am moving back next year (job). I do tape quite a bit, check your PM´s and you see my e-mail. Yesterday´s show was my first MD recording, I have been recording with an analog AIWA since 1995. I also taped J/Fog in Munich 2000 (pretty rough, but listenable) & J in Cologne few weeks ago.
    Also have several other shows from Munich (Lou Barlow/Westfield this summer).
    Would be cool to hear from you.



    The Tad quote is hilarious :mrgreen:
    Saw him open for Soundgarden in 1994 and this huge mountain of a man was standing at the stagefront: `OK, I´m gonna do slamdance/stagedive now´, awesome :)



    thanks :)

    I´ve taped some bands in munich (among them: melvins, muse, deftones, korn, the vines etc.) and a lot of bands from the last 2 years of Rock Im Park.

    you have mail btw.



    I hope it’s okay to post an URL here. This is the review of J’s Munich concert from the SZ (of course in german language) from today’s issue:
    http://www.sueddeutsche.de/aktuell/sz/getArticleSZ.php?artikel=artikel3869.php”>http://www.sueddeutsche.de/aktuell/sz/g … el3869.php

    Some words from the review translated for all of you who cannot understand german:


    … Now, Mascis is sitting alone whith his guitar on the stage, not looking much better than Ossy Ozbourne and plays his songs as a classical, impressive Songwriter-Pop – which of course gets again and again destroyed by an incredibly distorted noise. Mascis not only acts as a virtuoso because of his top-notch technique playing the guitar but also by the foot-handling of his pedals …"



    hey z80crew, thanks a lot for the link :D

    wow, the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" newspaper is one of Germans biggest and most distinguished newspapers, read everywhere in the country … 8)
    I translated the rest of it, too, because it’s generally a quite fine show review…



    There are pictures that say it all. When Joseph alias J. Mascis, former head of Dinosaur Jr., leaves the stage of the Feierwerk venue after the ecore, he suddenly stands lost in the midst of the audience, and then a young woman approaches him with all her courage, shakes his hand, complimeting to his – undoubtedly – great performance. Mascis is completely overextended. His arm flies flabby up and down, he looks speechless at his admirer and leaves the hall distractedly. [don’t we know this situation, too? :aliensmile:; FC]

    Closeness to the audience is really the last, what J.Mascis is looking for; already with Dinosaur Jr., years before Grunge, he was seen as a prototype of the shuffling slacker with stringy hair, uninterested in anything in the world except his guitar. While Nirvana showed at least aggression, he appeared simply: bored. Nothing has changed with that to today, apart from the fact that Mascis has fired his co-musicians one after the other, because in doubt he recorded everything on his own [nice description, although maybe a bit …biased :mrgreen:; FC] – and besides of that he also recorded the best guitar tracks for innovative bands such as Sonic Youth. But so much noise with so many annoying other humans around him – that was in former times.

    Now, Mascis is sitting alone whith his guitar on the stage, not much better looking than Ozzy Osbourne playing his songs as a classical, impressive songwriter-pop – which of course gets again and again destroyed by an incredibly distorted noise. Mascis not only acts as a virtuoso because of his top-notch technique playing the guitar but also by the foot-handling of his pedals

    Nothing has changed, actually, Mascis performs the cracking and booming halt as much as he performs a fascinating tune with ease like a miracle. Brilliantly. But he rejects them again as fast as they apppear; apparently he can enjoy himself only with tunes which are not his own. His noisy version of "Just like heaven" from of Cure is at least a small masterpiece and at the same time a bow to the other master of melancholy. Here rock, there Pop, which isn’t the only thing they have in common: Robert Smith is said not to feel comfortable with shaking hands, either. JÖRG SCHALLENBERG



    wow ! that is a great review … finally a journalist who did some research and actually went to the show !! :shock: :lol:



    Hey Cloudy

    Thanks A Lot for translating this
    Its a great & beautiful review

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