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    Imagine a filmmaker is making a movie of your life and asked you to put the music you want in it.It does`nt have to be your most favorite songs(it can if you want),just ones that would fit in well with the scenes.

    Dinosaur Jr-The Lung
    Charles Mingus-Meditation For A Pair Of Wire Cutters
    Eleventh Dream Day-Dream Of A Sleeping Sheep
    Dire Straits-Tunnel Of Love
    Miles Davis-Blue In Green
    Pavement-Range Life
    The Police-When The World Is Running Down
    Bill Evans-Gloria`s Step
    Allman Brothers-In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed
    Genesis-Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
    Mississippi John Hurt-Ain`t No Tellin
    Sonny Rollins-G Man
    Johnny Winter-Mean Town Blues
    Neil Young-Thrasher
    John Coltrane-Naima
    The Beatles-I`m Only Sleeping
    Giant Sand-Yer Ropes
    Anita O`Day-Stella By Starlight
    Buffalo Tom-Crutch
    The Church-Disenchanted
    Tim Buckley-The Troubadour
    Charlie Parker-Confirmation
    Sandy Denny-No End
    The Bats-Made Up In Blue
    Maria McKee-Absolutely Barking Stars
    Yo La Tengo-Blue Line Swinger



    The sountrack to my life…*taps bottom lip in thought* The music would most certainly run the gamut of the emotional spectrum. I’m going to have to give this more thought.



    Cool idea. I don’t think my boring life deserves a movie, but it sure would be fun having some say with the soundtrack.

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