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    Just saw the big book news…Mouthing Off, cool words of wisdom by J Mascis <img> Great news, should be pretty interesting!!!

    Got me thinking though, what are my fav lines I’ve read by J in interviews, chats etc…theres a million of them <img> But these are my top 3

    "Whatever metallicas against I’m all for"…or something like that.

    "I saw Frank Sinatra in Las Vegas while I was there. He’s getting pretty old, forgot half the words, but it was pretty good thou. You have to see these bands before they pack it in, see Frank see the Stones." Thats from a Jim Carroll article here on FreakScene.

    "Some year Green Mind sucks. Some years it’s like eh…it’s hard to keep up."

    Green Mind never sucks!

    So anyone else have any cool lines/quotes to add?
    You don’t need to reference anything if you don’t want to, just me being obsessive <img>




    From his stint as a guest reviewer for NME

    re Teenage Fanclub – "I’d teach that guy how to play drums, get him to lay off those cymbals"

    re Sebadoh release – "I don’t get it. Got any Orb?"



    What does he mean by some years Green Mind sucks some years its hard to keep up. What was the context or it was just a quote.




    DFK the book news is on the news page…

    Mouthing Off

    Ammaringnyc my take on that Green Mind quote is that Its hard to keep up some years people think GM is great and other years people think it sucks.

    Javro love that cymbal thing!

    Allison <img>



    The following are — by far — my favorite lines from J in an interview. It’s from an "interview" where J answers teenage girls’ most pressing questions for Sassy magazine. I love J’s answers. Most of what he says is actually good advice! Here it is:

    Q. I like this boy. I hope he likes me ’cause he teases me a lot. How do you know when a boy likes you? Also, how do you get a boy to like you?
    – Confused

    A. You can tell a boy likes you if he looks terrified whenever you’re around. He points his head at the ground, shakes and stutters, if he can ever get the nerve up to talk to you at all. You’ll see him around a lot and wonder how he got there. You’ll see him stare at you and dart his head away when you catch him. Either that, or he’ll do all he can to completely avoid you. Try to talk to him calmly whenever possible, and smile and flutter your eyes. Basically, guys like girls who like them. It’s pretty simple. So make him think you dig him and he’s yours.

    Read the complete "interview" here.

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    Thanks, Allison. Ordered a copy of the book and a copy of the film. Good mail is on the way!



    "sorry I don`t like Beck"

    "they look heavier then they sound"(in reference to Slipknot)

    I`ll try to think up more later,that book sounds cool,Steve Albini`s quotes should be worth it alone.



    What big book news?



    Couple more from me…surprise surprise <img> <img>

    These are from a recent interview from Philadelphia by a certain anthonyg… <img>

    I just like purple. Purple Marshall amps seem to sound better than the ones I have, better than the other ones. I don’t know why.

    It should be done in May, I don’t know when it will be released. Hopefuly in the fall <img> <img> <img>

    That last one is about J’s new album <img> <img>




    LAUNCH: How does [the next album] compare to this one?

    MASCIS: Exactly the same. Note for note.


    Jasper, that little clip you posted is wicked cute. Is it for real, J doling out advice to young girls?





    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>Jasper, that little clip you posted is wicked cute. Is it for real, J doling out advice to young girls?</font><hr></blockquote><font>I assume it’s for real. Someone copied it from Sassy and posted it to the Freakscene mailing list in 1995. Question remains who thought of the idea to ask J for this…

    I do think he gives good advice, though, so I think he should start a website where he gives people advice on their love life. It would be called "What Else Is New", and J would post there once a week with answers to the e-mails from brokenhearted people he received that week. This would also give him inspiration to write new songs. <img>

    I mean, wouldn’t it be great to be able to read things like this every week:

    Q. Do boys like big butts?
    – Kim France

    A. I am baffled by this question. Butts are so awesome that obviously, the bigger, the better. Any guy who’s not a weirdo will take as much butt as he can get. I don’t know if you are worried yours is too big or too small, but it can’t be too big. Whatever it is, get into it.



    Hey Dfk,

    Now that is service, never get anything that fast here…except a bill <img> Sounds like its a good thing we posted some cool quotes by J, hopefully on 2nd look more words of wisdom from J turn up in that book. No doubt a cool thing anyways, hope the film shows up soon!!!

    One of the coolest quotes by J…only my opinion of course…J talking about the Stooges

    Those songs are really fun to play. I dunno, I guess it’s our folk music, for our generation, you know?

    From One More Real Cool Time interview.

    Allison <img>



    i have that original SASSY mag with that j interview about girls/boys. no i dont read sassy, only when j is in it. i’ll scan it for ya’ll and post it in outer space somewhere.

    my fav quote is : " i have no plans tonight" it was cool.

    thanks deepsludge for the comment. i am honored



    Got my copy yesterday. Looks pretty good, lots of quotes by alternativeindie bands mostly, which is nice because the other quote books I have are primarily quotes from the more widely known rockers. Just skimmed through it, but only saw three quotes from J ("prominently featured"?). Ordered through Amazon and it came super fast. I think it was even on sale.


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    J Mascis describing limp craps music…sports metal <img>

    Allison <img>

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