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    Ever notice how everybody seems to unload the same discs? I’ve been doing research on this. The top albums in these parts would seem to be:

    1)REM-Monster (I counted nearly a dozen copies at one store!)
    2)Bush-Razerblade Suitcase
    3)EMF-Sherbert Dip
    4)Breeders-Last Splash (sadly)
    5)Mighty Mighty Bosstones-Lets Face it

    Other common finds include: Marcy Playground, Ace of Base, No Doubt, a real shocker, the Backstreet Boys.

    Is there any "essentials" I’ve missed.



    DGC Rarities-vol 1
    Meat Puppets-Too High To Die

    Yeah,Last Splash I used to see alot :?

    I`ll try to think up more later,I have`nt been in used stores for a long time but back in 97 to 2000 I practically tented in them :wink: :P


    buckingham rabbit

    I always see Copper Blue by Sugar. Even at thrift stores. That’s pretty low.



    That is pretty low :!:

    I recently picked up Sugar Copper Blue for a buck on cassette, in the bargain bin at a local shop, couldn’t resist the deal :wink:



    definetly Copper Blue, Monster, Last Splash

    Lemonheads: It’s A Shame About Ray
    Belly: Star
    Buffalo Tom: Red Letter Day
    Juliana Hatfield: Only Everything



    did you guys se the pitchfork feature on this. Had prrety much all the albums we mentioned (forgot DGC rarities) it also had Without A Sound, unfortunately it gave it a negative review. That album will always be special to me as my introduction to dino and beginning my search into indie rock. It would probably still be my favorite album ever if I didn’t read so many reviews.


    woas is everywhere because its the only bad (after the first 2 songs) dino/j record.

    i was more pissed about the slap at bakesale in the harmacy review >:0



    outta hand, get out of this, over your shoulder, grab it, mind glow, on the brink

    you call these bad? you’re high.


    how about only nonsuperfantasticallygreat album? i just remember it being a horrible disappointment at the time.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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