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    Check it out: http://www.epitonic.com/artists/jmascisandthefog.html

    This is a great site, a lot of alternative music and a lot of MP3 2

    J Mascis and The Fog – [ Artemis Records ]
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    Rock, Indie Rock

    Without question, J Mascis was one of the most influential rock musicians of the ’90s. Kurt Cobain begged him to be Nirvana’s drummer long before Dave Grohl ever came on the scene, but J was busy masterminding Dinosaur Jr. at the time, and has remained the king of the rock guitar ever since.

    The psych maelstrom known as Dinosaur Jr. started in 1984 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, when the band released their first album on Homestead Records after being discovered by Gerald Cosloy, who would soon co-found Matador Records. Then the band moved over to the quintessential indie label SST, which was run by a couple of members of Black Flag and was home to such legends as The Minutemen, Husker Du, Bad Brains, Sonic Youth, and Soundgarden. Dinosaur Jr. quickly reached legendary status themselves after releasing two of the best rock records ever recorded, You’re Living All over Me (1987) and Bug (1988). Those records’ distinctive, twisted airplane-volume fuzz helped shape the ’90s explosion of slacker and grunge rock throughout the world.

    After the release of Bug, Dinosaur Jr.’s bass player left the band because he and J just couldn’t get along. His name was Lou Barlow, and you might have heard of Sebadoh and The Folk Implosion, the bands he went on to start.

    So J Mascis pretty much took over Dinosaur at this point, subsequently signing to a major label (Warner Brothers) and playing every instrument on the acclaimed EP The Wagon and the follow-up full-length Green Mind. Those releases helped thrust J’s vision into the radar of the mainstream with beautifully arranged pop songs as well as the sonic ear killers. During the next few years, he released several more albums, which thrust him in to the MTV limelight and even earned him some big screen cameos. A rock icon had been born, but slowly his audience started to fizzle. People were too concerned with how amazing the old albums were instead of the great new songs and sounds J was producing, and so, by the late ’90s, Dinosaur Jr. became extinct.

    So we’re damn lucky that J has now schemed up another masterpiece of guitar rock for us all to enjoy. What’s more, he’s recruited equally legendary noise-pop old schoolers Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine) and Robert Pollard (Guided by Voices) to lend a hand creating More Light, the debut album from J Mascis + the Fog. More Light picks up right where the last Dinosaur Jr. record left off, but with a renewed vigor. Live, Mike Watt (The Minutemen, Firehose) joins The Fog to make their show one of the most enjoyable rock and roll evenings ever — just wear earplugs!
    J. Sinkovich


    Are U Out There Cuz I See Scary Things Across The Water




    Very cool site….thanks. J on drums with Nirvana….hard to imagine, althou I would love to see J play drums even for one song.
    Foo Fighters did that and it seemed kinda cheesy but I think it would work for J. Have the kit on a platform on wheels, when J is going to play move it to the front of the stage…smoke lights and Mascis on drums…god. Kinda goofy this am, need coffee….lots of it.


    but it would be cool

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