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    Another mag featuring J!

    One A4 side of writing and one A4 pic of J in a brown cowboy hat, again, an interesting article although it sounds as though J didn’t want to say much.

    ‘Back before you go’ is on the free cd and, yet again, there is a review of the album which is quite short so i will post it here:

    ‘ As godfathers of lo-fi go, J Mascis has a pretty good claim to the king’s chamber, but whether his stake to the throne of all things slacker is valid is another matter. So here erstwhile ex-Dinosaur Jr frontman Mascis returns with a new solo album, and a new band (although currently without any members). ‘More Light’ showcases Mascis’ ability as a tunesmith to great effect, and it is full of rare gems. He is joined in the affair by Bob Pollard of Guided by Voices, and Kevin Shields (MBV and part time Primal Scream). I have always believed that Mascis lacked the sheen of the angstmeister and arch rival Lou Barlow, but overall ‘More Light’ is a variable sack of lovely little ditties. Essential for those lazy days and slacker daydreams. Dinosaur Jr is dead, long live Dinosaur Jr.’
    Four out of five smilie faces.

    All in all, an okay review but I don’t like the comment about Lou Barlow, although he is just expressing his opinion, but I like the comment at the end. It’s as though Dinosaur Jr have been put to sleep but their spirit and soul has become imbodied in a new form.

    Just one thing, though, does J mind the tag of being a ‘slacker-god’ and being labelled ‘lazy’?

    ‘By the shore-line,
    will you be fine?’

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