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    just translated the record review of the german music magazine "musikexpress". hope my english is understandable. [img]http://www.freakscene.net/ubb/smilies/rolleyes.gif[/img]

    friendly acts of terrorism of the guitarist who played grunge before grunge was alive
    J MASCIS + THE FOG is J MASCIS. and nothing but J MASCIS. the singer, songwriter, guitarist and drummer. the monster itself in dialog with his songs. the new album of the guitar god from Amherst, Massachusetts, that nearly nobody expected to be released after the final DINOSAUR JR album HAND IT OVER, MORE LIGHT is the defiant response of a too far grown-up child to everybody thinking in business categories. MASCIS plays to his own rules, and that’s just well. he spent 8 months working on these 11 tracks, and you might say, they don’t seem so at all. it’s not a polished-up songwriter record of the upper indie rock segment. in songs such as SAMEDAY and BACK BEFORE YOU GO MASCIS’ voice reaches again the edge between despair and revolution, between implosion and explosion, which the best DINOSAUR JR songs were distinguished of. to say it in other words: the man has eaten loads of chalk again. but the album also shows the genius silent man in a new light – his contributions to history of piano playing (WAISTIN’, GROUND ME TO YOU) delight due to their kind innocence in contrast to AMMARING’s and I’M NOT FINE’s final guitar loops – barrage in a virtuoso way. and if you close your eyes for a moment, you can see J MASCIS getting on a time machine and getting off somewhere in the 80s, at the time when grunge was not invented yet.’

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