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    More Light

    This is a treat. On Mascis’ first proper solo album since Dinosaur Jr.’s split, he’s rediscovered the on-fire laconic grace he displayed back in the early days, when Lou Barlow was in the group. Gone is the struggle for permanence: Freed of major-label pressure, Mascis has relaxed both himself and his music sufficiently to allow all the melodies, harmonies, and glorious pyrotechnic guitar solos to come flooding through. "Waistin," with its crystalline bell-sound and languid lyrics, is a call to arms almost as potent as "Freak Scene." "Where’d You Go" is harder, and rocks like Mascis has heard Neil Young for the very first time again. Throughout, the album is enhanced by drumming straight out of the Black Sabbath school of minimal and heavy, some fine ’60s-style organ sounds, and my main man Kevin Shields on extra guitar. The ’70s never sounded this potent. "More Light" ends on a wall-of-sound wind tunnel effect, no doubt helped by Mr. Shields jangling his little post-rock heart out. I once claimed that J. plays guitar like he skis–recklessly, but fully in control. Now it’s as if he’s on a snowboard, down the Mountain of Rock. EVERETT TRUE

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