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    Does anybody know what pedal is J using to get that crazy sound at waisting, ammaring and sameday solos (I´m talking about the album solos)

    and regarding the guitar stuff talk…my experience is that the one who talks a hole lot off tecnical stuff is most likley not such a good guitar player.

    but hey now I´m talking tecnical stuff..




    No offense, dude, but why would you enter a bulletin board called "Guitar Room" and criticize people for talking about guitars? Take it easy!



    Dude (Im insane) if your such a shit hot player, you would be able to create that pedal sound or work it out your self so stop waisting time on the net and get practising!



    I have never said that I was a hot guitar player.
    but it feels like when this J equip disscussion came up there was a hole bunch of people that wanted to style with their knowledge other than ad something important to the disscusion..
    those are offen the people that must prove something.




    Going back to the original question, I too would like to know how J achieved that awesome flutey sound, especially on the Ammaring solo. Could be Lovetone, or a combination of several effects.

    I agree that having the same equipment doesn’t make you sound like someone else.

    The most J-like J-owned pedal I have is the Electric Mistress. Recognisable on loads of tracks.



    ..it is a lovetone
    a ring stinger

    check out http://guitarplayer.com/archive/gear/bt0005.shtml

    hm I want one!



    and you can check out the lovtone homepage and see what lovetone pedlas J uses



    yeah bout´ those lovetones..

    i think they are ok and i know he´s got a doppelganger phaser replacin the phase-100 mxr and a meatball (very weaird and many buttons) but i don´t think they creates the cool old sound harmonix do but they are sweet anyway..

    if you are into great pedals you really should check out the holy grail.
    tycho brahe pedals they are stunnin…and very expensive.
    i love the zvex seek wah and fuzz factory they are handpainted and still being sold .. check em´ out….




    What was that pedal J was talking about that he bought on the tour the one that is like a theremin you use with your foot. The Foot Probe or something. Does anyone have a link a site with these? sounds expensive anyway.



    Hey Bob, you can find a nice review of the Ringstinger on the following link:




    I found the fuzz probe it’s by zvex and its handmade



    In the new Guitar Player issue it lists the following as the gear he used:

    Moogerfooger Ring Modulator (I believe either Thurston or Lee From Sonic Youth use that as well)
    Lovetone Meatball and Brown Source, Univox super Fuzz, Elctro-Harmonix Big Muff, Roland GR-3 guitar synth, Z. Vex Machine, Fuzz Factory, and Seek Wah.

    I hope this helps



    cool he uses the seekwah it´s strange.
    that theremin pedal sounds cool and if zvex is scorin it it must be awesome.




    I have see j mascis this year and he was using the Marshall JMP1…



    J Mascis had his enormous sound with the Marshall vintage heads and cab cos he play with 2 or 3
    Heads in live..
    If you want a Dinosaur sound’s it’s going like this…

    Pre 70’ Guitar:
    Jazzmaster,Telecaster maybe Stratocaster…

    Head and Cab..
    Marshall heads(Superbass,Superlead,Major,JTM 45)
    No master volume just one channel..

    Cab pre 1975 with vintage speakers..

    A lot of vintage Electro Harmonix…
    Old big muff(metallic color) not the Pi..
    Vodoo Lab Bosstone Fuzz (Can we move this)
    Univox Superfuzz
    CAE Super Tremolo or the Lovetone Wobulator(for Hand it Over)
    Fender reverb(just for the leads)
    Mxr Phase 100 or the Lovetone Doppelganger(listen to Gotta Know)

    It’s make the sound little processed so???it’s not a priority…
    Groove Tubes Trio (For Out There)
    CAE 3+ (For Without a Sound)
    Marshall JMP1 (For More light,listen to Back b4 u go,it’s that with a Les Paul Jr)

    If you want a big sound you should buy vintage Heads Marshall and just a fuzz and that’s it…
    Be carreful not master voume on your head,it’s very important so JCM series are very bad…
    I own a JCM 900,JTM 30 and the sound is horrible…Go for a vintage Model..

    I have see J Mascis in Paris in 11/2000 and the tone of the sound used to be a little poor,maybe the
    Marshall JMP1..But the sound very big..The song More light is incredible in live…
    Sorry for my bad language,i’m french…
    Feel free to mail me at
    [email protected]

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