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    2002-05-21 – MAY 21st: Ugly Casanova Sharpen Your Teeth CD/LP

    The highly anticipated first full-length from Modest Mouse singer/guitarist Isaac Brock. On Sharpen Your Teeth , Mr. Brock is ably aided and abetted throughout by the enigmatic John Orth, as well as such luminaries as Tim Rutili of Califone/Red Red Meat and The Black Heart Procession’s Pall Jenkins. Expect a full US tour from an as yet-to-be-determined Ugly Casanova lineup. Publicity requests should be directed to the attention of Girlie Action Media.




    Thats pretty pleasing news, thanks!!! Not only a new release but a full tour, gotta love that.

    Allison <img>



    Hey Jeremiah

    Thanks for the info

    On the modest mouse fanpage I found this:

    As you may be aware, Ugly Casanova is also the name of Brock’s publishing company and the subject of a bizarre short story on Modest Mouse’s official website concerning a mentally unstable fan who sends his idols scribbled lyrics to turn into music. Brock is expected to tour in support of Sharpen Your Teeth with an as-yet-undetermined Ugly Casanova lineup.

    01 Barnacles
    02 Spilled Milk Factory
    03 Parasites
    04 Hotcha Girls
    05 (no song)
    06 Diamonds on the Face of Evil
    07 Cat Faces
    08 Ice on the Sheets
    09 Bee Sting
    10 Pacifico
    11 Smoke Like Ribbons
    12 Things I Don’t Remember
    13 So Long to the Holidays

    I think I like song 5 <img>



    Cool that Tim Rutili from Califone and Red Red Meat is involved;Brian Deck from RRM produced The Moon And Antartica so it makes sense another one of them would work with Brock.

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