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    well my problem is that i have a dual boot machine windows 2000server on id0 and linux Mandrake 8 on ide1. I’ve try to configure my modem but i i’m still not able. In the bios i’have com1 and com2 standar irq. i’ve setup the irq at 3 for the modem and inable the isa on irq3. I have a aopen 56 itu/2 isa hardware so i have to configure it. I’ve place the jumper on as com2 and irq3. It’s not p&p so i choose "add hardware" and select modem on com2 and irq3 after the installation i have a error telling me that my modem is not connected…i have no conflict with other device but windows dont seems to see my modem??? I know that the modem is supported and i have the driver for win2000. What the hell is wrong??? help me please [img]images/smiles/converted/idea.gif[/img]



    perhaps the modem doesnt work, have you tried it in another machine ? i would uninstall both com1 and com2 (as well as any other com ports) from device manager. i would reboot the computer with the isa modem jumper set at irq3 2f8-2ff. reboot, see if it will find it. or run Regedit, goto hkey_current_config, system, currentcontrolset, enum, and look for a key relating to the modem and delete it, then try to install it again.



    Anthony was all over that one. Hot damn…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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