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    I know you’ve all felt this way about some band or another, vent. . . now!

    My list:

    Public Image Limited- Why do I keep hearing about this band? Is it because of Sir. John of Rotten? Why? They suck. The Sex Pistols look good in comparison.

    The Strokes-Sorry, not much to get excited about here. If I want to hear the Ramones or the Velvet Underground i’ll listen to that band. Or at least I’ll listen to the Mooney Suzuki. At least they manage to sound excited while ripping off the Ramones.

    Oasis-nothing to get all that excited about.

    Sublime-Haven’t we heard enough of Sublime by now? I think so. There isn’t anything special here people! A pretty ok songwriter who adds a SMIDGE of ska and Reggae to his music and dies. Another example of death being a positive career move. Otherwise this band would be all but forgotten.



    I am feeling you pain all the way. I’m not sure if I want to comment on any one person or band as bad as I want to though. I don’t want to offend anyone. I do have a few choice comments I may have to make however. <img>




    Shed 7
    Lightning Seeds
    London Boys
    M-People (die bitch die)
    George Michael (twat perv sicko monkey)
    Puddle of Mudd (getting angry…)
    Any wee twat off of Pop Idol – I hear Simon Cowell is going down well stateside)
    So many more to mention, but my temples are throbbing-nuthin makes me angrier than bad music.
    No Doubt – what the fuck is that about (all the boys say, hey baby, hey baby?????)
    Primal Scream – you fuckin what? Bobby Gillespie is Latin for cocksuckingtwat. Bet you didn’t know that.



    If we don`t get all fighting with each other I don`t see why we should`nt vent about the bands we don`t like,just take it as an opinion;alot of times I read on other boards people saying negative comments about bands I like,I try to not get offended so here`s my list:
    the brit pop stuff Javro mentioned(Oasis,Pulp,Blur,Gene)
    Sheryl Crow
    Limp Bizkit
    Alanis Morrisette

    Britney and the boy bands are obvious choices

    I don`t listen to pop radio or watch music videos that much anymore so I keep myself away from alot of this stuff,except when I go to the dentist and have to listen to the radio.


    Long Distance Drunk

    Don’t think that the Strokes sound like the Ramones as much as the Replacements or Television, but I dig them. Will hold final judgement until they put out another disc, still angry about them canceling in Cleveland…
    Apart from the usual MTV stuff, the latest is the Vines. Everyone I know seems to be SO incredibly impressed with them, so I bought their disc ($6). It is TERRIBLE. Like a less interesting BRMC, and I’m not real into them.
    Papa Roach gets a GOOD review in Rolling Stone? Never listening to their reviews again.
    Dashboard Confessional: I don’t get it.




    they bother the shit out of me my friend burnt out 3 ok computer cd’s from to much play to me they sound like shit



    only evil malkie can get me to disclose what i have wanted to say for the longest time, how much i always hated hootie and the blowfish. i will include in my list of detested bands all those limp wristed brit bands mentioned above as well… i know i got a ton more but i gotta be nice now…



    maybe I should have stressed – these are just bands that I don’t like – so please don’t take offence. I don’t like mayonnaise or pickle either, but don’t hate you if you like them.

    Saying that, I would never marry a girl who liked mpeople, and liked getting jiggy to "one night in heaven".

    Britpop – more embarassing than our attempts at the olympics.



    javro so are ya sayin’ you finally took down your rick astley autographed lifesize poster? i guess you can invite girls to your room now?
    i like pickles, sour especially.


    Bucky Ramone


    Sarsa – have you been to my flat??!! It wasn’t signed, and it wasn’t a poster – wait for it….

    It was a mirror! I had a Rick Astley one, a Howard Jones one and a Nik Kershaw one.

    Are you saying that girls don’t like this stuff?

    Wouldn’t dream of wooking at you…..

    Big love




    Also should stress, I like pickles, it’s pickle I don’t like, which I think is mainly English. It involves small children and vinegar I think. Best way to ruin a perfectly good cheese sandwich.

    I hate Bush too. Damn American pretendtobees – they should be proud of coming from the Bush (Shepherds Bush – West London). Their lyrics just don’t make sense.


    Long Distance Drunk

    Bush is a good one. His brother isn’t an asshole, and doesn’t live in LA. Interesting subquestion: bands you think you SHOULD like, but just can’t get into.



    Funny, I just hate Bush because Gavin’s run off with my girl! <img>

    On Radiohead: I quite like early Radiohead but have mixed feelings about the new stuff. Individual songs on OK computer I quite like, but somehow when taken as a whole I just don’t like it. Dig?



    Javro, I don’t think anyone’s ever made any fuss over Gene or Shed 7.

    The Strokes: Its quite amusing reading what bands the strokes are ripping off, its quite an list when you put them together. I’ve heard Blondie, the Ramones, the Stooges, Tom Petty??, the Velvet Underground, Television, Pixies and it seems that no one can prove or disprove anyone else’s theories. They have some nice tunes but their not the greatest band ever.

    I blame the fucking NME. There always trying to find the next Oasis for some reason.

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