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    I hope Mississippi was good for the guys….Mississippi is a state near and dear to my heart….lots of relatives in Oxford. You know, I was sort of complaining the other day about not hearing any/many new songs on this tour….then in our little local music/art rag…the "flagpole" they had an article about….Dinosaur Jr…..they said things like….this is a reunion,they are back together again and touring and getting along…eye…yi…..yi….that’s so like yesterdays news to me….and I was feeling sort of bummed and then I had the the realization that, if those guys are going through what myself and about 85 % of my friends and family are going through right now….it’s like damn….we are all just doing the best we can do, how can I complain about something so stupid…..J used the phrase "soldiering on" when speaking about that drummer with the missing arm…and it’s has since become my favorite phrase about life…geez, we are all just "soldiering on" what else can we do……at least that’s what it feels like when you are heading toward being 50 years old with a bunch of kids and animals and bills and chores……. that never end.

    I placed an ad up on my FB page and got some comments and calls…. but no serious inquires. Bummer, perhaps I’ll post it here and maybe in next weeks Flagpole (great idea).

    Husband up for Grabs
    Anyone need a husband? He’s double Leo with moon in Sagittarius, so he is warm and adventurous,intelligent and creative, he likes to travel. He is self centered, arrogant, egotistical and always right. He not only puts his wishes first but also second and third. He doesn’t listen or even try and meet you half way. He handles stress by berating everyone he comes in contact with. He is strong, a wonderful lover and a pretty good cook and a very loving and interactive Father. He comes with very little money or hair on the top of his head but when he puts his big arms around you, it wont matter. Inquire here.

    I am so going to spend money and put this ad in our local paper…his Mother and Brothers will love it!
    I had to edit and include a photograph….[img][/img] that’s him standing next to his oldest daughter helping her with our family’s famous organic veggie empanada’s at the very last Athens Farmers Market. See he is sort of cute…I love the beard, so will you!

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