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    gettin word out cause it should be fucking awesome.

    More info on the film at http://www.theminutemen.com

    Im real excited to finally get to see it.

    Cambridge, MA
    July 7, 2005
    Brattle Theatre
    40 Brattle Street
    Cambridge, MA 02138
    Box Office 617 876-6838

    Boston, MA
    July 8 – 14, 2005
    7:30PM & 9:30PM
    Midnight Screenings On July 8 & 9
    Coolidge Corner Movie Theatre
    290 Harvard Street
    Brookline, MA 02446

    go see it everyone.



    I wanna see it but I’m 8 hours away…hopefully I can download it or buy it later…



    Thanks for the info! I’m gonna go see it in Asheville, NC on the 30th! I can’t wait. I loved the Minutemen.



    just caught "WeJamEcono" here in sanfran and what a great movie!!
    saw the Minutemen here back in the 80s and this flick definitelee does that great band well-a lot of live shows included and interviews..
    my one complaint: J Mascis is interviewed-yay!!…for 10 seconds-boo!!
    i’ll still get the dvd-anything to support the cause…
    WATT rules :wink:
    s 8)




    2 DVD set, out June 27 ’06


    The Story Of The Minutemen Told On New Two-DVD Set

    The Minutemen will be profiled in the DVD version of a feature-length documentary that’s been making the rounds in select movie theatres.

    The two-disc We Jam Econo: The Story Of The Minutemen will be released on June 27 through Plexifilm and will be distributed in Canada by Sonic Unyon. Along with the 90-minute film, the first disc features deleted scenes and interviews and the music videos for "This Ain’t No Picnic," "Ack Ack Ack Ack" and "King Of The Hill."

    A second DVD features 62 songs from three live performances: The Starwood in Los Angeles in 1980; the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. in 1984; and the Acoustic Blowout cable access show in Los Angeles in 1985.

    The package also includes a 16-page booklet with full-colour photos, filmmaker notes and liner notes by David Rees, the creator of Get Your War On.

    The Minutemen didn’t have a long or fiscally rewarding career before it was tragically cut short in December 1985 when guitarist/vocalist D. Boon was killed in a car accident in the Arizona desert. The band — which also featured bassist/vocalist Mike Watt and drummer George Hurley — blended hardcore punk, freeform jazz, folk, funk and rock musical elements with political ideals on the five albums that they recorded from 1981 to ’85. The San Pedro, California trio developed a cult following that still remains today.

    In addition to memories from Watt and Hurley, who formed Firehose after Boon’s death, the DVD features interviews with more than 50 other musicians, artists, journalists and friends, including Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore, Fugazi’s Ian MacKaye, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea, Dinosaur Jr.’s J. Mascis, Wire’s Colin Newman, Husker Du’s Grant Hart, The Meat Puppets’ Curt Kirkwood, Henry Rollins, Richard Hell, Jello Biafra and John Doe.

    —Phil Villeneuve



    YES! I’m so psyched.



    cool.i’m gonna go see it.

    I was kinda upset for a little while when it came out because it appeared that it would never reach my area but im glad it will now.


    Damian Hade

    got my DVD the other day.
    it’s pretty awesome.
    J is on for litterally for 6 seconds.
    i haven’t watched all the extras or the second disc yet…


    "Damian Hade " wrote:
    J is on for litterally for 6 seconds.

    but apparently has one of the best lines in the doc… ;D

    J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. has the briefest cameo, but the best line. Recalling his wonder at seeing the heavy-set Boon pogo-ing ferociously around the stage, he deadpans: ?I never saw a fat guy move that much, I guess.?

    Minutemen Retrospecive/signonSanDiego.com



    It really is an incredible film. I watched it and felt energised!!!
    Makes one wanna form a band and jump in a van (again).
    J’s line is hilarious!
    It could of been twice as long – just digging the footage etc so much.
    Ah happy days :)

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