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    Heyo everyone-

    Found this site through ChrisW (after searching for the term ‘minorbroadcast’ on google, heh), whom I grew up near in Central New York. My name is Brian Steele. I grew up in New York and recently moved to Alabama to persue a career change.

    My brother (Scott) is big into this music scene. He got me into a lot of bands I probably would have never heard of if he hadn’t shown me. He listens to Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, Iggy Pop, The White Stripes, The Pixies, and many others.Â

    He recently moved to Seattle and still records music. I made a website months ago to host his old band, and now his solo stuff. I recently broadened the website by hosting my dads music (some goofy covers (such as Shortcomings) and some instrumentals), my uncle Kevin.

    Give him a listen at http://www.minorbroadcast.net.Â

    Some songs to suggest (in no order):

    The Switches (found under ‘Demos’)
    The circle of things (found under ‘Album: Collected in my steps’)
    My own devices (found under ‘Singles’)
    Minor Broadcast (found under ‘Project: Confusion Corners’)
    Bad Blood (found under ‘Album: 8-track demos ‘)

    His solo stuff includes him playing lead guitar, rhythym guitar, vocals, drums. A few tracks consist of a friend of his playing violin. Hope he doesn’t hate me too much for posting his stuff, heh. Lemme know whatcha think.

    Take care everyone!–


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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