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    there’s also a half-page review on the reissues … + a fairly large black + white pic of lou, j and murph from v.early on … it looks like they’re all sitting on a table + there’s a sizeable light above their heads … lou actually looks happy in this one … i’ve never seen this pic before …

    once again, it looks like j’s management have done a great job in getting together some good old pics for all this reissue pr …

    but anyhow … enough of my ramblings :D here’s the mini interview:

    uncut: curiously for ex-hardcore guys, a lot of your early songs seem to be about trying to communicate with girls.

    j: or communicate in general, yeah.

    how about the rest of dinosaur? speak to them at all?

    j: i run into them. lou’s had a lot of anger, but he’s mellowing now. that was the most miserable time of my life. it had nothing to do with lou or murph; i was trying to come to grips with being out of school and having to deal with the world.

    how has your guitar playing changed since those days?

    j: not a lot. i think it only gets worse. when you start, you make more interesting stuff up because you’re not into any ruts. :!:

    + if you want to check out their website : http://uncut.co.uk/



    Cool, thanks for posting that…:mrgreen:

    Lets hope we start seeing some North American press/interviews soon!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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