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    happy birthday mike … have a good one :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


    fata morgana

    Happy Belated Birthday to Mike–Sweet. 8)






    46! Rock on. :mrgreen:



    Happy Birthday!

    How old are the other members of Dino? J?



    hey Aatos,

    J Mascis born Dec 10 1965
    Lou Barlow born Jul 17 1966

    these dates of birth are the ones I found on the fly. not sure about the age/birthdays of Murph, Mike Johnson or George Berz, hope someone can fill these in :? :?:

    (as for "other Dino members", I have to add that Watt has been the highly appreciated bass player during the J Mascis & the Fog tours from 2000-2001, but not a member of Dinosaur Jr)


    dakota blue

    happy belated b-day mr. watt! i still can feel the bear hug from the El Rey years ago tough guy!! :wink:

    this man is a true gent with a gold heart.



    Ok. Thanks. Who other plays in The Fog? Or does "The Fog" mean something like different artists?



    generally, whereever "J Mascis & the Fog" stands on, you can expect full band sound, on records as well as in live shows.
    If it’s "J Mascis" you can expect him playing solo.

    the 2 records which have been released under the name of "J Mascis & the Fog" (More Light [2000], Free So Free [2002] ) were recorded mainly by J, with the help of some musicians he is friends with. "the Fog" stands for the full band sound here.

    "J Mascis & the Fog" were a lot on tour from 2000 on.

    In 2000 to 2001 the members of the live "Fog" were J (git/voc), Mike Watt (bass/voc), George Berz (dr).

    in the US shows 2003, "the Fog" besides J were again George Berz on drums, and Matt Hunter of ‘New Radiant Storm King’ on bass.

    There isn’t a continuous Fog all the time, as all the musicians (including J) also have other projects and plans.



    Has J recorded all the instruments himself in "free so free" and "more light"? And the other people play only on tour?



    On More Light, Kevin Shields (wizard of My Bloody Valentine) played the one or other instrument and he also did the production for some tracks. Further GBV’s Bob Pollard added some vocals to the song Sameday. The big rest of the record (including drums & bass) has been recorded by J alone.

    Quite the same with Free So Free. J had some help of Cobra Verde members for the one or other song, but J recorded the very most of the record on his own.

    So yeah, "the Fog" is a "more-than-one man band" only on tours — so far it has been the usual git/voc, bass & drums. … and everyone who goes to a J & the Fog gig should think of bringing earplugs with them (other than maybe to a J solo gig) :mrgreen:



    Cool, ive been wondering that it can’t be J singing everything in the same day. :)

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