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    So, contrary to popular opinion, the streets didn’t win, and the prize went instead to Ms Dynamite (tee ee). Interesting choice. Nice to see Jools Holland get the guy from Basement Jaxx’s name wrong too. ha ha.

    On an entirely seperate subject, I just got back from my hols to find that I had been broken into. I lost over £4,000 worth of stuff including a digital video camera, mp3 player, laptop, casio casiopeia, a gold and diamond ring, my phone, my tv remote control (fuckers, now I gotta get up of my arse to change channels), my suitcase and bags, my playstation 2 plus games, plus the fucking memory card. I dread to think how many hours of my life have been wasted on that fucker, and now it’s gone, all gone.

    Javro is in a rage, oh yeah.



    oh yeah, don’t have contents insurance either, and there were images of javro doing what he does best on the camcorder. Pray God some fucker don’t set up a website of my little white arse bobbing up and down….

    Javro could be coming to a cinema near you…..



    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>Originally posted by Javro:
    <strong>On an entirely seperate subject, I just got back from my hols to find that I had been broken into. I lost over £4,000 worth of stuff.</strong></font><hr></blockquote><font>shit, truly grim news! føkk, I would’ve gone mental if this had happened to me. And no contents insurance! Argh! As for cinema del Javro, let’s just say that for your sake I’m holding my fingers crossed, hoping you won’t end up a celeb at the local pub!



    Don’t know whether to laugh or cry – can’t wait to see the film…… be a bit like that scene in National Lampoons. Sorry to hear about that though – it would have to be one of my ultimate nightmares. Hope they left you record collection. London’s getting worse and worse for this type of sheite!



    Ouch!!! Damn, what a welcome home… <img>

    I’ll be sure to pass on the info if a certain show… <img>

    Hope the holiday was at least fun!!!

    Damn <img>




    It problably was a brit pop fan <img> hope they did`nt steal your stick <img>


    buckingham rabbit

    fucking no good people.


    Bucky Ramone

    Hey Javro, that sucks, no insurance….. <img>



    Yeah – they left my record collection thank God. Think they would have had problems moving all that vinyl, but most of it would have been a slag to replace. Luckily it seems that thieves have poor music taste….

    Didn’t have insurance because I live on a top floor flat in Maida Vale – not many break ins around that area, and especially not to top floor flats. Learnt my lesson now though, but once again, too little too late.

    Thanks for your kind words, amigos.



    Yes well, Maida Vale is a schizophrenic place. On the one hand it’s one of the most expensive addresses in London on the other hand there are large pockets of the ‘underclass’ still to be driven out.

    On the plus side at least that mockney ‘The Streets’ (what a corny name) didn’t win with his juvenile ‘poetry’ and wigga beats. You have to be a white middle class fashion-chasing liberal to like that sort of meretricious rubbish.




    where ya from, what you on…..

    good to see you back on the boards kockney. Are you a Hammers fan by chance? What a terrible start we’ve had if you are..



    Somehow (perhaps because I hated European vacation) I thought of the bit in Trainspotting instead.

    Still, that sucks. How’d your girlie (beau?) take the news?



    Luckily she is an ex… ha ha. was prolly gonna use it to blackmail her when she’s rich and famous.

    Now it looks like someone could do the same to me. I guess a career in politics is out then.



    Cheers Sludgey – perhaps you could be my campaign manager? "A Vote for Javro is a vote for the fall of the developed world" – I kinda like the sound of that. Cops got all the serial numbers, but I ain’t holding out much hope.

    Have a cool weekend sceners. 36 minutes till booze time and countin’



    Landon Goldschlager Junior.

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