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    King Tubby

    Wow!!!!! I’ve seen J over a dozen times since the "Bug" tour, and as great as many of those shows were, I have to say that they all now seem like mere dress rehearsals for last night’s performance. The Fog came out seeming like they had something to prove, and boy did they ever prove it! J’s playing was simply phenomenal — his solo during "Ammaring" went on for an eternity, in the best way possible. They nailed every tune with incredible precision and drive, and were all completely focused and into it. It was loud as hell, too, but totally clear and full, not shrill — the sound system at the Mercury is amazing. There were times when I could almost see J’s solos, it got so loud (the green my friend and I partook of certainly helped that effect, I think). I sincerely hope Hunter becomes J’s permanent touring bassist. He’s perfect for the band. The overall impression I took from the show was that since indie rock hasn’t produced any real guitar gods since J, he stepped up last night to settle any doubts as to whether he’s truly the best guitarist on the scene. Just a beautiful performance. The Maxwell’s show was good, but last night left it in the dust.

    As for the setlist, it was the same as the Maxwell’s show, but with "Just Like Heaven" replacing "Repulsion."

    Truly fantastic.



    the mercury is a great venue, and yeah a great sound system. i played there a couple times in the mid 90’s. im not in NYC anymore. When I saw J there he was just acoustic, with Mike Johnson opening up for him, and they did a couple tunes together if i remember right.

    musta been loud as that place aint big. even smaller than the star hill here in charlottesville.

    sounds like a killer show. J rules.



    hey, King Tubby, thank you very much for the review! :mrgreen:

    sounds like it has been an overwhelming show – not only volume-wise :D
    it’s also my impression from everything I read & hear, that J & the Fog are at their best during this tour. I just wish so very much that I’ll also have the chance to see them, soon.


    expect nothing

    Thanks for the review King Tubby, I feel like flying cloud does, these shows are getting amazing reviews the tour sounds great. Thanks to everyone for the reviews :D


    Bucky Ramone

    Cool review, King T.

    …..ands let’s hope that there are some European Fog dates somewhere in the near future…. :roll:

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