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    Randy Jane

    I think its that I just need to get out of this town maybe, but…this place seems to only care about Bluegrass and Football.

    I was reading the Movie schedule in a local news paper, when I saw Layne Staley’s face in the Entertainment section. Above that, a larger picture of Cantrell, surrounded by the death story. The title of the article: "Staley to join Cobain’s stupid club." To say the least im extremely upset with someone. Its one thing to make fun of someone (which these people preach against every day….hippocrits [sp]) but, to make fun of them after theyve died??? What? Its really sad that a newspaper cant come up with anything better than to make fun of people. They didnt stop with those two bands, they went on to talk about Pearl Jam and Sound Garden as well. I would like to see Courtney’s reaction to this, or Mary Earl, Bev Cobain, Krist, or Wendy’s. I never really noticed how bad this town wants to be like the "soaps." The perfect setting, the perfect people and perfect little world. There is no such thing, they need to get over it…but that wont happen. All they want to see is football, and no bands that dont have a banjo…….no, sorry…"banjer" or "banjy." Not saying theres anything wrong with that style music or banjo’s for that matter, crickey, J uses one. Its just….I dont know. I think you all get the point. Im just really tired of everyone making fun of what we do…..and Im tired of being made fun of too.




    RJ-The media is like the soaps sometimes,I agree,there`s a local paper here which sounds similar to your local paper,I don`t read it because it`s mostly just gossip and junk but the paper believes that it`s "real news".
    Remember that the person responsible for writing that comment about Staley problably is`nt a Alice In Chains or Nirvana fan and think they can get away with a diss because most of the readership of the paper could care less about AIC or Nirvana,I agree that making fun of someone who is dead is wrong and the media seem to get away with taking shots at people alive or dead,not keeping in mind that they don`t know the problems Staley had in his life which led to his death,they`re just ignorant.
    Not sure what this town cares about,maybe the big sale at the local Walmart <img>

    ps-about the banjo;you should get an electric banjo and distort the hell out of it,then you can say you have a banjo in your band <img> <img>

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    I like bluegrass



    If I recall correctly, it was Cobain’s mom who coined the term "stupid club" after Kurt’s death, relating it to Hendrix, Joplin, et al.

    I think this article was probably trying to play off of that, but failed to make the connection in most peoples minds, given that it has been several years since Kurt’s mom said that, and it was only breifly mentioned in a few places back then… Poor reporting at it’s finest… <img>


    Randy Jane

    Dude, yeah…I had a banjo…I even made it electric, and I did distort it, and use other effects with it. I too like bluegrass. I was just saying that there is more to life than the set way of living…or something. But yeah, I like bluegrass too…I like some of all types of music, (some rap songs are good, etc etc).



    The only rap groups I can get into are The Roots and De La Soul



    For great rap try…

    the streets
    eric b and rakim
    3rd bass
    london posse
    big daddy kane and biz

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