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    well, i know this is short notice, but i have 2 extra tickets to the mojo screening on the new MC5 movie this wednesday (25 aug) …

    it’s at the vue cinema in leicester sq in london …

    doors open at 6.30 + the movie starts at 7.30 … the screening will be followed by a Q + A with wayne kramer, michael davis + dennis thompson …

    if you’re interested, pm me today before 5-ish + i’ll send them to you 1st class … :D :D



    oh yeah, + i forgot to mention that this is a FREE event 8) 8) :aliensmile:



    I’ve been wanting to order that on DVD, can’t find it at any local stores :aliensmile:

    DKT/MC5-Sonic Revolution- A Celebration of The MC5



    yeah, it’s a shame you don’t live a bit closer, b/c i didn’t have any takers :wink: :aliensmile: …



    Definitely a shame, if I was a bit closer I’d definitely be checking out the 24th & 25th DKT/MC5 shows in London… :aliensmile:

    Lisa Kekaula from the Bellrays has taken over vocals from Evan Danda, Mark Arm vocals & Nick Royale from the Hellacopters on guitar/vocals… :twisted: :mrgreen: :!:

    DKT/MC5 tourdates



    well allison, if you or anyone else around here wants one or both of the extra tickets as a collector’s type thing, you’re more than welcome to them … they are postcard shaped … i guess 3" x 5" + the front is a copy of what looks like a tour poster for their 100 club show + in the middle of the pic is an eagle holding a guitar above some flames :shock: … + on the back is the info about the screening tomorrow night (ie where, when etc) …



    ok … well, this was such an awesome experience for me, that i’m going to post my (kind of) review here as well …

    well, this wasn’t last night, but last wednesday night (aug 25) when i went to see the preview screening of the new mc5 movie, ‘sonic revolution.’

    i am on the mojo mailing list + when they sent an email saying, “if you want tickets to a free screening of the above mentioned movie – then please send us your detailsâ€? i said, “yes please !â€? … but it wasn’t until i received the tickets in the post that i realized there was going to be a q and a session with the band that night as well …

    well, we got there pretty early … hung out in the drinks lounge for a while + then we were all invited up to the screening room upstairs … i guess the theatre could hold maybe 200 or 300 people max, + by the time it started the place was maybe 2/3 full – if that …

    anyhow … up at the front of the room there were some seats + cordless mics resting on those seats + this guy came in + said that 1st we’d be watching the film … then the band would come in for some questions + then for those of us who weren’t going to run off to the MC5/DKT show that night – they would be showing the film recording of the100 club show – from march of last year, in its entirety – as well … bonus !!

    the film was great … it was short + sweet – maybe 1/2 an hour or so … 45 mins tops … + it was mostly based around the levi’s sponsored 100 club show that went down last year, but included some history of the band as well … plus there were interviews with some of the famous + non famous fans @ the show + of course w/the band themselves … anyhow … it was v.enjoyable in + of itself + i would have been happy w/just that …

    but then the same guy (who he was, i don’t know … maybe he worked for mojo ?) well, he came down again + said that the band – who had been stuck in traffic – had just arrived + called them down … after lots of applause from the varied audience — young + old … some press, some normal punters – everyone got a chance to ask questions … + there were so many, i just can’t remember them all …

    i know there was mention that the drummer had worked w/ron asheton at some point in his interim career … + someone asked them if they had seen the reformed stooges play live … + they said no … + then the same guy said, do you have any plans to, + strangely enough they didn’t answer … why do you think that was ? are they trying to distance themselves from being associated w/the stooges ? do they not get along ? do they have some bad history or something ?

    someone else asked them what they had been doing in the time they 1st broke up + then got back together again + the bassist — who was really spaced out …said, he had been living in the desert … trying to find himself … + it was an ongoing process … but it was just the v.slow deadpan type way in which he said it, which made everyone in the audience laugh …

    let’s see … there was another question about bootlegs + which ones were good … + wayne kramer said they owned them all now + put them out themselves … but then someone mentioned one that he hadn’t really heard of, so he was v.interested to find out WHO was putting that put + i bet he’s already been on to them about that !!

    one of the final questions was about the possibility of recording new material + they said, they honestly didn’t know … + the bassist said – 1st they had to get thru the rest of the dates on their tour (but again, in that deadpan voice – so there was more laughter) … he was like everyone’s favourite stoner friend … v.honest + funny w/o trying to be …

    + i remember thinking the whole time how youthful looking (not to mention highly articulate) wayne kramer is, especially compared to the other 2 guys ! ha … anyhow … + my other overhwelming thought was how priveleged we were to be there w/these guys !!!

    … after maybe 20 mins or 1/2 an hour of Q + A they had to go … but not before an impromptu signing session ! people brought up posters + our tickets (which were v.cool looking to begin with) + there was some camera crew there interviewing the three guys (one by one) … + they were MORE than happy to sign autographs + when people said things like, “oh, sorry to bug you like this, etc.â€? they were like, “hey, we’re just sooooo happy to obligeâ€? … i just wish i knew more about them, to ask something more vital + interesting than … “would you mind signing this for me, please ?â€?

    then they left – along w/most of the audience – + only maybe 20 people were left to watch the 100 club show on film … + that was awesome ! + b/c it was being screened in a cinema, it was kind of like we had been there too … alright !!!

    + afterwards i was on a total high for a few days b/c it was such a cool + unexpected experience … + of course i was thinking … well, why wasn’t the place packed to the rafters … + then i realized … oh yeah, b/c they had never advertized the fact that the band themselves were going to be there … isn’t that weird ?



    oh yeah … that reminds me … they were asked who their favourite guest singer was + the bassist w/o hesitation said,"mark arm"8)

    they were also asked who their favourite bands were (who they had influenced) + wayne kramer said, "rage against the machine."


    "rambleon" wrote:
    oh yeah … that reminds me … they were asked who their favourite guest singer was + the bassist w/o hesitation said,"mark arm"8)

    :aliensmile: :mrgreen: :aliensmile:

    I’d sure love to see Nicke Royale with the MC5 8)

    Cool you got to be part of the whole q&a thing with DKT/MC5, did anyone ask about the futurenow films controversy :?:

    Wayne Kramer is very articulate, also very personable. Met him way back in time in Minneapolis, went to see him play, turned out he was staying at the same hotel as us. Spent the afternoon in the bar with them… 8)

    He has a personal website, WayneKramer.com, also runs muscletonerecords.com, released the last Cobra Verde disc 8)



    yes … he was asked about that film contoversy + he said the problem wasn’t with MC5, it was with the filmmakers – so the ball’s in their court, so to speak …

    he also alluded to the fact that the filmmakers has misrepresented what they were doing in the 1st place – kind of like MC5 had been duped … :o … anyhow, he said he didn’t know when the film would ever be released b/c like i said — it’s the filmmakers’ problem now …

    sounds like a loooooooong wait to me …



    thanks for the info :aliensmile:

    The futurenowfilms people of course have a much different view of things, huge controversy amongst some MC5 fans. The muscletone forum was taken down because of the huge rants people put up blaming Wayne Kramer for the whole deal… :roll:

    They released the film without any kind of license, Wayne Kramers wife is a lawyer… :wink:



    oh, well … they should have thought about getting a license then, shouldn’t they ? :roll:

    hey, yesterday i remembered 2 more things they said, but i’ve already forgotten one ! :o :D

    but one of them was another wayne kramerism + he said he really didn’t know how anyone managed to get anything done, like write + stage a play or record + release an album etc. b/c everything was so hard, SO HARD !!! … he definitely emphasized the "hard" bit :aliensmile:



    heres a review of the dvd…

    Well, surprisingly, I ain’t against corporate sponsorship; it was cool enough for Turbonegro so it’s cool enough for the MC5. Hey, I’ve been wearing Levi’s since the 60’s and I don’t wear any other jeans, I don’t care if the money goes right to the CIA, I aint wearin any other cunts’ jeans. Here’s the analogy with corporate sponsorship: a big company, say, sponsors retard kids to get on a bus and have a cool day out, living it up at the zoo, eating and drinking till their spastic hearts are content. What’s the difference between that and rock ‘n ‘roll, huh??!! GET ON THE BUS YOU SPASTICS !!

    I say nothing can take away the credibility and peak of the MC5, nothing. I do believe, if you picked the WRONG company, say Pizza Hut, it would be less attractive though. . . . .

    And now the music, well I saw the MC5 (DTK) do two shows in Sydney, and they were much "better" than on this DVD. It’s just a fact of life that bands get better into the gigs. Don’t get me wrong – this is good, very good. It’s just by the time they hit Sydney they had done some 30 gig’s and were a rock ‘n’ roll machine in the truest and purist sense, and man, the "difference" between seeing ’em live and on a benign television screen…well it’s an apparent difference, for sure. I love this DVD but loved seeing em live more, this makes me remember how the actual gig felt.

    The special guests here joining in the celebration are pretty fucking impressive: Nicke Royale (‘Copters), Dave Vainian (The Damned), Lemmy (Lemmy!), Ian Astbury (The Cult). Together, they carve it up through the MC5’s treasure trove of all time rock ‘n’ roll classics. Wayne Kramer still cuts it no problem, possibly better, Dennis and Michael are just concrete; so many Aussie pub bands have used the blueprint from these two guys, it aint funny. They are masters and masterful. We will never snatch the pebble from their hands.

    Man, in a year where I saw the Who as well, I’d say rock n roll is here to stay – even if the people who started it wont be here to stay.

    So brother’s and sister’s, fell free to catch the kicked out jams, ramma lama fa fa fa your fucking heads off, and feel the memories come to life before your eyes. The times are a changing, hey it won’t stay 1969 forever, now. All I want to see now is a comp DVD of the world tour with all the special guests. (I know, I know, I’m greedy). – Ashley Thomson

    The Hard stuff is one of my fav Wayne Kramer releases, his last release Adult World he put together all by himself on his mc… 8)

    this sounds pretty pleasing… :mrgreen:

    Mojo, a British publication, can basically do no wrong in my eyes and they do themselves proud with their "50-Page Motor City Meltdown Detroit Special" in the October 2003 issue, managing to capture the essence of this birth-school-work-death burg without over-romanticizing it. Right out of the chute, Wayne Kramer’s "The Motor City Is Burning: A Personal View of Detroit," grabs you by the neck and shakes, the former MC5 guitarist reminiscing about the band’s early days in a no-holds-barred prose style that’s all red meat and arteries bursting wide open and grey matter boiling in flame. He rightfully traces the city’s badass reputation to the 1967 riots, the influx of unemployment, heroin, and guns in the 1970’s, and the gradual desertion of the city in the 1980’s as people around here just flat-out packed up and moved on. It comes as no small suprise then that Kramer annoints Eminem as the heir apparent to the MC5 and who am I to argue? Kramer still looks like he could rip your spine out of your anus and hand it to you with a smile. Hey Wayne – ever think about writing a book?

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