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    Another mix tape list:

    Palace Music-Cat`s Blues(Viva Last Blues)
    Nick Drake-Things Behind The Sun(Pink Moon)
    Red Red Meat-Oxtail(Bunny Gets Paid)
    The Fall-Hit The North(Seminal Live)
    Guided By Voices-Echoes Myron(B1000)
    Giant Sand-Wearing The Robes Of The Bible Black(The Love Songs)
    Tom Waits-Gun Street Girl(Rain Dogs)

    Side 2:
    Scrawl-Your Mother Wants To Know(Velvet Hammer)
    Bettie Serveert-The Link(Dust Bunnies)
    Ripe-Supernatural(The Plastic Hassle)
    Grifters-Bummer(One Sock Missing)
    Jawbox-Chicago Piano(For Your Own Special Sweetheart)
    Versus-Insomnia(Dead Leaves)
    Luna-Tracy I Love You(Pup Tent)

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