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    does anyone know if this artical from a Spin 1993 issue is transcribed somehwere online? i would LOVE to read it.
    apologies if this has already been brought up!
    i think spin did a nice job of promoting the band back in the day, too bad all they seem to care about nowadays is "nu-metal"!



    i bought that issue at some magazine store last year. if you cant find it and i get really bored, ill transcribe it for yea.



    I’m going to my mom’s today for church and to take her to lunch. Mom has a very nice scanner. Providing SPIN’s big-ass pages fit, i’ll scan it and send it to Jerimiah. It’s a pretty interesting read…..J. has really matured over the years….seems a lot happier. Which, in my book, is a good thing.



    Go to eBay young man!!

    I’ve seen one of those J is God issues up for auction twice. I think there are two of them. One has a question mark and the other is more certain of it’s self. The pic of J on the one with a question mark is more hip. The other is more… purple.

    I had assumed the interviews were on line

    Thanks for the link to that Real audio interview at Spin DeepSludge!

    George Berz forgot he was in Swish. What did J forget? He forgot Upside Down Cross for one. Or was he just producer there. Maybe he would rather forget… HE FORGOT THAT EXCREMENT EATER! What else…?



    is this article online anywhere??

    heh, i am be flogging a dead horse here….

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