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    i think it’s probably one of the greatest works of j.
    it sounds simple, but quite deep. something irresistable.. like short poems of old poet. (of course i know he’s not old at all. ..)

    it’s very difficult to say something ‘cuz of my horrible english. ..



    hEY Momo

    I moved yr topic here, suited better here

    Hey, yr english is ok, Im not that good in english either
    Doesnot matter here

    Yeah that album is amazing

    One of my favorites, really like the acoustic versions of these songs, we have several FTP Sites here where u can donwload more great gigs (acoustic/full band)



    Martin & Me is great!
    I was a bit uncertain of how some of the songs would sound in a stripped down acoustic version, but the songs came out warm and "honest"(if it’s possible to say that about songs.) Bought it on vinyl a while ago and this made it sound even better, this could be superstition -but hey, when it comes to J, I’m a beliver.



    the only thing I miss on martin + me is more talking between the songs. not from j, but the crowd.I think it´s funny to hear the crowd shouting for J to play a certain song. It´s amusing and charming to hear the crowd talking on live recordings. On one of the live recordings I have I hear a girl asking J to play Forget the Swan or Quicksand. J claims he don´t remember the tune…=) That´s what I like about amateur recordings.

    The crowd buzzing and talking makes the whole scene more alive and it makes me forget time and place, I almost think I am at hte concert.

    Anyway, I think a martin+me album would be great to record again, now that J uses a variety of effectpedals.



    I got a really nice solo show recorded on my MiniDisc. I found on the net somewhere. Really good sound and all the talk.
    J’s laugh is quit fun



    I don’t listen to Martin + Me that often, but I still like it. I’m almost ashamed to admit, but I even like the Morrisey cover.



    Martin and me might come in hand tonight as a warm up before the gig. If I had the time I would sit several hours watching dino videos and stuff. :D



    i love martin and me !
    i could listen to it everyday and and never get bored of it ! :mrgreen:

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