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    Malkmus, Mascis, Brock Headline July 4th Fest
    Jeff Goldblum, Judd Hirsch bone up on their "kvetching Jew" characters

    Ray "Ticketmaster" Suzuki reports:
    Stephen Malkmus, J Mascis, and Ugly Casanova have been tapped to headline the first-ever
    I-FI Fest in Atlanta, GA’s Masquerade Music Park this July 4th. The Sunshine Fix, The
    Kingsbury Manx, Jet By Day, L.O.A. and the Jawz of Life are among the local acts rounding
    out the bill. Assuming gargantuan saucers with Apple-compatible propulsion software don’t
    simultaneously converge over each of the planet’s major cities like that one year, it should
    be one hell of a weenie roast, what with Malkmus and the Jicks trotting out their new material
    and Mascis debuting yet another new band.

    Indie promotors I-FI, a relative newcomer to the Atlanta music scene, has brought an
    impressive roster of great shows to the city over the last year, including …And You Will Know
    Us by the Trail of Dead, John Vanderslice, and American Analog Set. Mounting an
    indie-leaning bill on a major holiday– not to mention luring artists from the Pacific Northwest
    and New England to muggy-ass Georgia in the middle of summer– is an impressive feat, and
    if you agree you can get a henna tattoo that says as much at the show.

    As previously reported, Malkmus and the Jicks are busy recording their second album for
    Matador which should hopefully be out in early fall. Mascis, who’s also been piecing together
    an album for fall release, recently recorded some tracks with members of Cobra Verde (and
    by extension, ex-members of Guided by Voices). You may recall GbV’s Bob Pollard sang
    backup vocals on Mascis’ last effort, More Light.

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    J is working with Cobre Verde,that should be cool <img>
    Thanks for posting that Bob <img>

    ps-I`m hoping that J will join Malkmus on stage for Range Life and maybe with Brock for Trucker`s Atlas <img> <img> <img>



    i am planning on heading down south from new england to attend the july 4th fest in atlanta. i reckon this is one show i do not want to miss and the fireworks should be ok too. i really wanna see malkmus and the jicks as i NEVER got the chance to see pavement, not ever. oh and to see J with a band will rock, fer sure. but i do not get the feeling it will be as intimate and up close as his show at t.t.’s in cambridge a while ago. bother… nevertheless i intend to deal with the heat and humidity and possible pugilistic rednecks with aplomb and mebbe some help from deepsludge or slush as the case may be?

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