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    Okay. I’ve rolled back in town after a weekend spent not sleeping in a motel with brillo pad blankets next to air conditioners modeled after jet turbines. But you want to know about the show, not how much it sucks to share a room with your parants.

    But on to the show. . .

    The Nashville NAMM is the smaller of the two shows, but it’s still fucking huge. As in a hockey arena and adjoining convention center. The used area of the convention center is probably the size of a shopping mall. and probably 70-80% of the booths were in a single, hangarlike room. needless to say it was LOUD!!!! very very LOUD!!!!. I remember, two years ago, going to sleep with the sound of cymbols going off in my ears. This year I finally remembered to bring protection, and went most of the show with one earplug in.

    Every company at the NAMM show has a booth, roughly the size of a flea market stand. Largerish companys-think SWR or Earnie Ball-have several booths. While Hugeass companies-Think Fender or Korg-have a conference room. There are exceptions. Yamaha had an aisle spanning that was the equvalent of about ten booths. I digress, you want toys.

    New from Fender are the cyclone and Tornado US. Some (RJ) may remember the cyclone as being a more fender-ish version of the ever popular Jag-stang. The new Cyclone has three jaguar-style pu’s-each with its own on/off switch. Very cool. The new tornados look an awful lot like the old tornadoes, although a new model has p90’s in it.

    also fairly cool from fender-the mustang is being reissued once more. The old sunn bass amps are back, with a fender logo. uncool from fender is a new mustang bass reissue (short scale basses blow!) and a squire tom delong model. the world needs a cheaper version of a crappy guitar. squire is also making a signature model for some pro-skateboard guy. <img>

    -Burns guitars are coming to america. This includes the Bison bass and a Brian May sig. Model.

    -a new amp company "phil jones amps" is producing bass cabs with many five inch speakers. They sound fantastic and rather bassy (odd in small driver designs). they look really odd though (40X5 cabs). <img>

    Also cool –
    Tascam’s digital 4-track. Not new, but cool. A good sounding 4-track recorder the size of two floppy disks.

    Danelectro is making real pedals again. this includes a new talkbox effect, a spring reverb emulater and a tape delay emulator.

    I got seriously checked out by some chick at a saxaphone booth. She looked to young for me, but I’m not used to this.

    Line6, the brand you love or loathe, is putting the finishing touches on a modeling guitar. Huh?

    Garrison guitars-nice acoustics, with all graphite bracing. these are sweet ecoustics.

    I got a MOOG t-shirt. <img>

    Ask me questions about any other brands. I’m still reeling so I’ve probably forgotten about something.



    Thanks for the report Malc.


    Randy Jane

    WWOOOOO….Mustang Reissues…yay…or wait, are they US? If they are, theyll prolly be $1,800 too. Mildly retarted when you can get a better version (vintage) of the same guitar for cheaper…..????
    P-90s on Toronados? Hmm…never cared for them, but its really kool that Fender is slapping P-90s in the guitars.
    Cyclones….three Jag pickups? hmm, like..all straight? all slant? strat style (bridge slant/two straight)? Id have to see it…are they still in those dorky bright yellow and orange colors?
    Hey thats kool (?i guess?) that you got checked out…but um…if you were that close to me…….and you didnt come by……yeah. <img> <img>




    The new Fender Cyclone has three slanted single coils, angled about as much as the neck pu on a mustang.

    And I can’t believe I forgot to mention this: I met Bill "the buddha" Dickens, Larry Coryall, Junior Brown, and James Burton. All four signed my ID tag! <img>



    Malc-what was Coryell like?I heard a interview with him once and he seemed like a jerk,good guitarist,I like the albums he did with Gary Burton for RCA back in the 60`s.There`s a local saxophonist who knows Coryell really well,and told this story that about 20 years ago,Coryell and another guitarist,Emily Remler did a tour together and fought the whole time,when they played here he said during soundcheck they kept swearing at each other,when they played the gig though they sounded really good regardless that they were at each other`s throats.
    James Burton is cool,one of J`s favs too,definitely a legend.



    Larry seemed. . .distracted. Put on a great show though. The NAMM police had to break it up because the audience was blocking the aisle. <img>

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