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    Randy Jane

    Ive been thinking about making some pedals, because I dont have enough money to go buy them new or used even, plus I’d kind of rather play through something I built….it would just be cool to me. I have a few cool ideas, and one of them, (cant really talk about yet) I dont think has ever been made into a pedal. If I can get this pedal to sound good, I want to send one to J because 1.) He lost a lot of gear, and I cant send money to him or you guys/girls, and 2.) it would rock if he liked it and played with it at shows or even on a cd sometime…I could sit and be amazed that something I built is liked and being used by J Mascis, my favorite performer. So, I just wanted to tell you this so you wouldnt think I was a cheap skate tight wad or something. Bye, Randy Jane.



    good luck then.. A friend of mine started on a pedal project for the first time not long time ago.. I think he put it on the shelf cause he couldn’t quite get it functional. it was supposed to become a phaser pedal
    ..I really have no advice to give you about the making of a pedal.

    I generally suck when it comes to electronics.. I just short-circuited an old mistressflanger I bought on ebay the other day.. :!:

    if it works well out for your pedal, drop me a line.



    shit…home made pedals…nice…i need to figure out this…but i suck with electroniucs too…maybe my brother will build one for me in the sulmmer…anyone know where to get info on building pedals…like what is needed etc…ah well…


    Randy Jane

    I just search the net for schematics, then make my own…..right now Im trying to make a few, Reverb Rat (rack unit with spring reverb) Pebble Flanger, (eeeeff…tough stuff) The Albatross (cant talk about this one) Switching System (already done…plug in one guitar to three amps….its good enough for me) and some other things here and there. If I cant figure things out on the pedals, my dad is an electronics technician, so I can get advice from him. Im also trying to get a job at Radio Shack….that should help be a help.

    But, just go to different search engines, (dont pick a favorite they all have different sites….some better) and type in "flanger schematics" or whatever peadl your trying to find…. GEO’s site is really cool.
    Good Luck.




    Make a boost pedal, and call it the "eleven box." I’ve always wanted one of them. :P



    I was gonna try to build a superfuzz about a year ago, but I never finished the project. I gathered up most of the parts before i realized it was going to be pretty big electronics project for someone who can barely solder a few wires… It has like 50 capacitors and tranzisters and whatnot.

    There’s a Mudhoney site that tells you how to do it. I think I had it bookmarked somewhere…

    here it is…


    Good luck to anyone who attempts this!

    My superfuzz project currently takes up space as a bag of electronic parts. I still think it would be cool to build one. Maybe I’ll finish it eventually when I have the time…

    I think J’s been known to use the superfuzz on occasion. It would be awsome to make one for him, especially if you could actually do it successfully.




    I made a simple "boost" circuit awhile back… A single volume knob, a bypass switch, and even an AC abapter plug that would bypass the 9v battery (they sell them premade at the ‘shack.)

    The thing worked fine, but is sitting up on my shelf because I never got a decent switch for it. It currently sports a standard rocker switch that I have to flip with my fingers… Perhaps it’s time to dig it out of the heep and order a decent stomp switch for it. Of course, they run about $15 which is more than I spent on the rest of the parts. :mrgreen:

    After that, I just need to throw it into an inclosure of some kind and it’d be good to go… 8)



    Whoa, you guys really build own pedals! I have no idea or experience with biulding electric stuff.



    i made a fuzz pedal for my bass, its a whole lotta fun :twisted:
    it wasnt too hard either, fairy simple schematic but i put the transistors in the wrong way round i think and had to get my physics teacher to sort it out

    all the bits cost me about £20 which is cheaper than a real one but i had to settle for a crappy switch cos they is damned pricey! when i ordered the bits i got a wee kit of 10 flashing leds that i put into the front, but there wasnt room in the box for the board and wires so i taped it onto the outside with black tape! sprayed it yellow and threw on a few snoopy stickers!

    if i hook it up through my chorus pedal i can get weird fedback that sounds like running water :lol:

    theres some piccies of it here:
    http://mudlarks.members.easyspace.com/neil’s%20fuzz%20pedal.htm”>http://mudlarks.members.easyspace.com/n … 0pedal.htm



    Here’s a great site with lots of cool tips on making your own pedals. Lots of schematics too… 8)




    Here’s another good one: AMZ

    And a link right to there Projects. I built the "Muff Boost", 3rd from the top. It’s just the gain stage from the classic Big Muff distortion box, with some modifications to make it distort (which I left out, I wanted a clean volume boost.) Works well, made with parts I found at Radio Shack…

    …On that note, I ordered some parts to repair my amp and included a stomp switch in with the order. I’m inspired now to go ahead and finish this thing. The thing is, a heavy-duty DPDT stomp switch runs around $12. Most expensive part in my project…

    Got all the stuff from Hoffman Amps, a very good resource on those hard to find tube amp parts. 8)



    Go to http://www.harmony-central.com in the discussion forums under effects. You can talk to tons of effects enthusiasts and pedal makers and get hints tips and advice for some of the best pedal makers like Zachery Vex who makes about 6 of the pedals J uses.



    randy jane, do you have a recording of your band doing Out There ?

    would be cool to hear it


    Randy Jane

    I can record one though. If I can ever get a computer of my own, I’ll for sure do it, if I wouldnt get in trouble with J.

    Ive been trying to come up with some new ideas for effects and other stuff. So far, ive built my Switching System, and a 22 channel snake, (16 1/4" channels, 3 RCA channels, and 3 channels of bare wire connectors).
    Im working on the Albatross, a rack spring reverb and footswitch, and a mic pre-amp. I have other ideas, but dont want too many things going on at once. If I can do good enough at pedal making, Id love to build them and sell them, I also want to have a repair shop for guitars/amps/etc. Anywho…yadda yadda, bye.

    Randy Jane.


    Randy Jane

    hmm…..my first post didnt work. Ok, go to here: http://www.sx-valentine.indiegroup.com/custom2.html”>http://www.sx-valentine.indiegroup.com/custom2.html and read about my old crappy drummer. This is why Randy Jane isnt a band right now, but it will be again…Im going to move to Boone, NC. and hopefully start a band there. Any one know anybody there? One time I went there, (its a little hippy/indie/college town) and saw this guy wearing a Dino shirt, the purple one with the cow head, and he looked a ton like J. This was a long time ago though, thank yooouuuu.


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