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    I saw this topic on another board so I`d thought I`d try it here;what moments in songs you like are your favorite?like for example say you like the mellotron at the start of Thumb.
    Here`s some of mine:
    -the beginning of Little Fury Things with Lou screaming and J goin crazy with the wah wah
    -Rob Tyner`s introduction to Kick Out The Jams by the MC5
    -when the sax comes in on 1970 by the Stooges
    -the blast of feedback after the first chorus of Run Run Run by the Velvet Underground
    -Louis Armstrong`s solo introduction on West End Blues
    -when Corin sings"GO AHEAD AND FLUNK MY ASS!" on Male Model by Sleater Kinney
    -John Coltrane`s spoken word intro on Om-"I AM OM!OM! OM!"
    -Ian MacKaye screaming FLEX YOUR HEAD! at the end of 12XU by Minor Threat
    -Ella Fitzgerald forgetting the lyrics to Mack The Knife in a 1960 concert in Berlin
    -Son House singing Death Letter
    -J whispering FEEL THE POWER FEEL THE POWER on Pebbles And Weeds
    -the slide guitar solo on Dream Of A Sleeping Sheep by 11th Dream Day
    -Dee Dee Ramone`s "1-2-3-4!" at the start of most Ramones songs



    -The indroduction to the Minutemen song "Corona"
    -Bob’s yells during the outro to Pavement’s "Summer Babe"
    -The riff to Mingus’s "Hation Fight Song"
    -Peter Hook’s bass solo during New Order’s "Crystal"




    -I just love the way the Hellacopters kick into the 2nd chorus in Long Gone Losers…kicks ass!!!

    -Hellacopters again,Hey! <img> Just love the guitar sound in the intro…about 25 seconds in that guitar sound sends wicked chills down my spine, every single time <img> Rest of the song isn’t too bad either <img>

    -You Can’t Put Your Arm Around A Memory covered by Ronnie Spector & Joey Ramone, the last chorus when Joey comes in singing the chorus with Ronnie…buckles the knees!!!

    -Don’t Worry About Me by Joey Ramone, the chorus brings a tear to my eye to this day, great song <img>

    -They Always Come by Dinosaur Jr, the whole song <img>



    buckingham rabbit

    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font>-Bob’s yells during the outro to Pavement’s "Summer Babe" </font><hr></blockquote><font>Sorry, Bob wasn’t in the band at that point. It was Malkmus, SS and Gary Young.

    -I like the ‘cheap flute’ on "Way up High" by Galaxie 500.

    -the intro to "Erica’s Word" by Game Theory.



    </font><blockquote><font>quote:</font><hr><font> Sorry, Bob wasn’t in the band at that point. It was Malkmus, SS and Gary Young</font><hr></blockquote><font>well I’ll be damned!

    And I must add

    -The riff to Sonic Youth’s "Diamond Sea" oy-yoy-yoy-yoy oy-yoy-yoy oy-yoy-yoy-yoy-yoy-yoy-yoy-yoy (played with a guitar through an ultra rare Ludwig phase II synth pedal)



    I saw pavement on the s&e tour, and Bob Nastanovich and Mark Ibold were both touring with em. Pray tell, when did they join, as I thought that S&E was recorded in 92????


    buckingham rabbit

    This solves it.

    Excerpt from AMG:

    "During preparation for their first concerts in 1991, Pavement added bassist Mark Ibold and, in order to bolster [Gary] Young’s shakey timekeeping, a second drummer named Bob Nastanovich, who had attended college with Malkmus. The new lineup appeared on the band’s first full-length album, Slanted and Enchanted, although the group didn’t record any of the album as a full band; instead, it was pieced together by Malkmus and Kannberg."



    –How about the "Marmalade, I like Marmalade" in Adam’s Psychodelic Breakfast, from the not so talked about GREAT Pink Floyd Album.. Atom Heart Mother (yeah, the one with the cows)

    –Or the beginning of the aforementioned album..That 20+ minute orcheatral sounding song..

    –How about I ain’t sayin.. That, for me, is one of the best closing songs of any album..

    –"At this moment, you should be with us. Feeling like we do, like you love to, but never will again…" — Janes Addiction

    –"I do believe in Captain Crunch, for I am the frizzle fry" — Primus

    Just one man’s opinion,




    -the feedback break on Tom Violence by Sonic Youth
    -the "onea twoa threea uh" at the start of Diamonds And Gold by Tom Waits
    -the end of Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday
    -the end of Alabama by John Coltrane



    Just thought of these two.

    -The "Dog Willl Hunt" in Primus’s "Jerry Was a Racecar Driver

    -The, I daresay, joyous solo that opens Superchunk’s "Hyper Enough"



    PJ Harvey singing "well" at the start of Highway 61 Revisted.


    brain full of worms

    A magical moment for me was see the Flaming Lips during the Clouds Taste Metallic tour. They start off the show with Abandon Hospital Ship and when the drums come in hundreds & hundreds of Christmas lights turn on! I don’t I guess you had to be there



    i had a magical moment about 14-15 years ago (1990-91ish?) when i went to see the meat puppets play at this tiny club in pittsburgh. that night, at that place, that music transcended notes and beats and rhythm and took me to a place i’d never been. to this day, one of the best concerts i’ve ever seen….wow..remembering it gives me chicken skin…


    "angel tone cake " wrote:
    -the beginning of Little Fury Things with Lou screaming and J goin crazy with the wah wah

    Hell yeah that’s shiz like primer. But that monster wah riff Jay plays while Lou Ranaldo screams in the background floors me! Talk about starting a record by punching you in the face! Sweet! ;)




    like most people have said, the intro to Little Fury Things has to be my favourite. You’re Living All Over Me accomplishes the best wah sound i’ve ever heard. no one does it better. i really shouldn’t add any Dinosaur stuff on this list because there is so much.

    – kim shouting "i wanna know!" on ‘cross the breeze’ by sonic youth
    – the roaring guitar sound in ‘i only said’ by my bloody valentine
    – when the drums kick in on bardo pond’s ‘limerick’
    – guitar solo on ‘sometimes i forget’ by seam
    – when robert pollard yells "pass the word the chicks are back…" on ‘big boring wedding’ by guided by voices
    – all of lyrics to ‘redman and their wives’ by guided by voices
    – the line "I summer where I winter at, and no one is allowed there" on husker du’s ‘celebrated summer’
    – "teenage angst has paid off well, now i’m bored and old", ‘serve the servants’ by nirvana
    – the outro to ‘the diamond sea’ by sonic youth. noise, chaos

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