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    Sold Out weeks ago.

    Lou alone played 30 minutes before the Dino show.
    Started with some new songs and then asked the audience for what we wanted to hear. Played Rebound and On Fire and commented laughing that he shouldn’t be playing songs he doesn’t fully remember.

    Dino played really loud for an hour and a half. Some problems with Murph’s drums and Lou’s amp during the first half of the show led to long gaps between songs.

    I am almost sure that they played these but they may have played some others in the main set that I don’t remember. I am not 100% sure about the running order.

    Main Set

    In a Jar
    Imagination Blind
    Get Me
    Feel The Pain
    Over It
    Freak Scene
    Been There All The Time


    I Don’t Wanna Go There
    Just Like Heaven

    Some guy in the first row asked for I Don’t Wanna Go There in the encore and J changed the selist to do so.
    Told Murph about it but didn’t tell Lou, it was Murph who did it. Lou seemed to dislike the change (gave Murph a look like I am really tired and that song is very long).

    I really enjoyed the gig but too many new songs for me. Maybe because it was their first reunion night in Madrid and they wanted to present their new (and great) stuff.



    Ouija,Gracias por compartir tus historias de la noche. Yo vivía en Madrid en 1978-79. Me encanta Madrid y todos los de su gente y las panaderías. Aprendí el español dentro de muchas panaderías.

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