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    This might be here somewhere since it’s from the may issue of Magnet, but I couldn’t find it anywhere so here goes:

    Magnet: How did you feel about the Dinosaur Jr chapter in Michael Azerrads Our Band Could Be Your Life? [The group is depicted as socially inept, often engaging in absurd acts of psychological terror.]

    Barlow: It’s hilarious. It’s completely true; every word in it is straight up true. And it’s really balanced; it has me talking shit about J, then J talking shit about me. Everybody gets some digs in. The overall effect is just pathetic. What a bunch of pathetic kids we were. It’s comical now, me being 36, and that was 16 years ago. As someone who enjoyes rock books, I love shit like that. Mike Watt said to me, "The Hüskers and the Minutemen -we really got a soft-focus in the book, but you guys got baked!"

    Magnet: Speaking of Watt, you recently jumped onstage with his Stooges cover band, which features J Mascis. How did that go?

    Barlow: It wasn’t a first for communicating or anything -J started showing up at Sebadoh shows about five years ago. He came to one during our last tour, which was in ’99, and it was not the greatest of times for me. I was drinking a lot, and he made slightly off-handed remarks, and I just freaked out on him… I fucking freaked out on him. I started screaming, and I had never done that to him. It left things kind of wierd. So when I saw him this time, I apologized for flipping out on him, and he was like [affects a lackadaisical J Mascis tone,] "Yeah that was pretty harsh." He doesn’t have lots to say anyway, so it was actually fine. It was nice to sit in a room with him, his girlfriend and other friends because there wasn’t any pressure to talk, and it was just good to see how he is doing. He’s doing allright, I’m doing allright -we’re the same guys, just older. It just felt good to finally see things from an adult perspective. The book kind of helped, because the behaviour comes across as so deeply immature. It’s easier for me to say, "Oh, we were just kids."



    cool … i had never seen that posted here before, so thanks :mrgreen:

    it’s funny how he says he liked the dinosaur jr chapter, b/c i’m pretty sure j said he didn’t like it :!:


    "rambleon" wrote:
    it’s funny how he says he liked the dinosaur jr chapter, b/c i’m pretty sure j said he didn’t like it :!:

    I think what J had said was that he didn’t like the huge focus on the relationship between himself & lou, they had to prod the guy to talk to Murph. Don’t think he thought it gave a balanced perspective on Dinosaur Jr.

    I’ll look for the link to the article and edit it in.

    Thanks Robert 8)



    The past is in the past. J and Lou, think about the future. Amazing shit can be done now, put the past behind you.



    hey Robert, cool find! :mrgreen:

    here is a link with a transcription of this interview: http://www.insound.com :)



    I recently got my hands on a German article in OX magazine about Folk Implosion with Lou talking a lot about the same topic (and he´s VERY enthusiastic about J, has no mean things to say….) I should translate it here at some time. AND: never forget Lou has ALWAYS admired J, and J has ALWAYS said that Lou is a good songwriter, so please don´t take anything of the personal stuff between them too serious….

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