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    Bucky Ramone

    Lou Barlow/Sebadoh article/interview from Creem, June 2004 8) with a small seperate article on the Dinosaur reissues:

    Dinosaur Archaeology?

    When the upcoming Merge Records reissues of the first three Dinosaur Jr. albums surface, might there be a possibility of a reunion of J Mascis, Lou Barlow and Murph? Barlow isn’t ruling it out.

    A mutual friend of Mascis and Barlow is "desperately trying to engineer a Dinosaur reunion," Barlow said.

    "I can’t imagine picking up a fucking Rickenbacker bass and playing it through a Marshall on 10 and trying to compete with J’s guitar on stage. That seems just so surreal to me at this point. But who knows? Weirder things have happened," he said.

    Barlow said he found out that the reissue project was happening when he contacted Merge himself to see if they would be interested in releasing his upcoming solo album.

    "J never approached me about it, but then I never expected that he would," Barlow said. He mentioned that there had been talk of him writing the liner notes to one of the records, but that he declined.

    "I think that what I have had to say about Dinosaur over the years was so insanely negative. I’m proud of being a part of Dinosaur now and all that stuff, but it’s probably best that I keep my mouth shut. I think I said too much," he said.

    When Sebadoh shared the bill with Mascis at a benefit for an autism center where Barlow’s mom works, there was no Dinosaur reunion. There was, however, a reunion of Deep Wound, the pre-Dinosaur band that featured Barlow and Mascis.



    Even if they did a reunion for 1 show it`ll be cool :aliensmile:(if they can find Murph) with The Pixies and Mission Of Burma reunited maybe it could happen :) I`m hoping for a Husker Du reunion even if for one show as well :D



    Murph is around, he has been playing with Don Fleming sometimes and played with J and Mike Watt and Evan Dando.



    All things said and done though I think J, Mike Johnson and George made the best linup.

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