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    … and some other good news on his site, loobiecore.com:

    – Lou finished his solo record and sent it to Merge. 14 songs, and as he says "all perfect" :) the release date is supposed to be Jan 04, 2005.

    – he’s planning a solo acoustic tour in support of the record early next year, and he’s asking for suggestions about good locations.

    – the Sebadoh turbo acoustic tour has ended, but the next step would be "new drummer, new songs, new schedules" :D

    – he also informs of an addition to his family due on Feb 04, congrats :mrgreen:


    he’s planning a solo acoustic tour in support of the record early next year, and he’s asking for suggestions about good locations.

    london ! :aliensmile:



    oh, I guess he’s rather on the lookout for some decent small venues where he could play, so if you know such a place in London you could email it to him.

    quote from loobiecore.com:

    I’ve been thinking that I need to find a more realistic way to tour… like , maybe playing in your living room (?)
    like maybe playing alternative spaces, non-rock-club galleries…
    if you have any ideas email me and I’ll begin collecting them.

    Bucky Ramone

    Lou Barlow talks about his new album ‘Emoh’ (from DominoRecordCo.com) 8)

    Emoh is the first, official solo album from Lou Barlow: the bard of lo-fi, erstwhile leader of Sebadoh, The Folk Implosion and Sentridoh, former bass player for Dinosaur Jr… Before Beck, Cat Power or even Pavement, Sebadoh was rocking the underground as "the quintessential lo-fi band of the ’90s" (All Music Guide) and Lou has become hero to young singer/songwriters with their hearts on sleeve and a punk-rock fire in their loins.

    For followers of Lou Barlow, who’ve been there since Sebadoh formed in 1987, it’s certainly been awhile. Lou’s previous solo collection, Winning Losers: A Collection of Home Recordings (Smells Like Records, 1994), and the many self-released Sentridoh releases, the most recent being Sentridoh – Free Sentridoh Songs From Loobiecore in 2002, have hinted at the Lou’s personal vision, but this is the record for which many Lou Barlow fans have hoped, yet dare not hope. There is much to recommend here – an amazing songwriting growth in a long-time hero, the instantly recognisable warmth of a much-loved voice, a brace of tunes you don’t have to wade through the tape-hiss to hear… Let’s take a moment to relish this prospect – the lo-fi prodigal son has come home!

    “I always felt that I was going to write like Hank Williams: simple things,â€



    just rea dthe ad for the insotre at Amoeba’s in SF on the 26th.. gonna try to make it… YEAH!



    cool! hope you can make it and you’ll tell us about how Lou’s current solo shows are like :D

    I really hope he’ll also come over to Europe for some shows.

    here are the current Lou Barlow show dates according to Lou’s website loobiecore.com:

    Sonic Boom Records Seattle, instore show, Jan 24th
    Amoeba records San Francisco, instore show, Jan 26th
    Amoeba records Los Angeles, instore show, Jan 27th

    all three shows are for free :)

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