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    hey, now that the reissues are out, i saw a picture of j, lou, murph in the linear notes…. i see j’s 2 marshall heads but does ANYBODy have a clue what lou barlow is playing through? i know he playing a rickenbacker bass, but any clues on the amp and possibly the speakers???



    cant help ye-but am waiting to hear a response!
    i posted a question all over the place tryin to find out about J’s two ampheads and got very little amp info :(
    i do know that i loved the sound of those Marshalls-J’s Jazzmaster and Lou’s Rickenbacker-and i heard he also used Marshalls but not sure about them early days…
    s 8)



    i can t be totally sure but i m sure that absolutely filthy bass sound on youre living all over me and bug is a cranked marshall superbass .
    i know mike johnson played through marshalls in the latter years.im kind of obsessed with that bass sound at the moment.lou sure was the king of melody bass ha.in a jar.



    not sure this will help, old press release from SST, they talk about amps & more… 8)

    dirtywater.com :mrgreen:


    Some time in the late forties, French scientists were conducting a series of experiments on "acute sound pressure". Huge speakers forty inches across were contructed and powered by twenty 1000-watt amplifiers. The purpose of this sound system was to observe the effects of extremely high db levels on the unguarded human body. During the first test of the apparatus, three of the attending scientists, located behind a "soundproof" barrier, were killed. The project was cancelled. The reason given was that "due to the volatile and unstable nature of acute sound pressure, we can not with conscience ask someone to voluntarily subject themselves to its effects". Thirty-five years later, the three guys in Dinosaur were conducting their own experiments in ‘ Execute sound pressure".

    For those of you with a technical bent, J. uses two fifty-watt Marshall heads going into a Marshall one hundred-watt head, which in turn goes into two 4Xl2 cabs. Lou uses a ganged pre-amp going into a four hundred-watt amplifier, which in turn goes into a 15," reflex cabinet. Murph does his best to keep up with a four piece Gretch kit. The clubs around their hometown of Amherst, MA would only let the band experiment once. After one set of the bellowing power that is Dinosaur live, the band would be banned from ever playing again. Club owners could only hear the volume of these three teenagers, not the overwhelming harmonic structures created by the intense volumes.

    It is the combination of volume and melodic harmony that makes Dinosaur unique. It has been proven that volume affects you physiologically, melody can affect you psychologically. The stimulus that Dinosaur creates will unavoidably affect anyone’s mind and body.

    On record, when the listener has control of the volume, you can hear the music of Dinosaur stripped of the naked fury that accompanies their live sound. It is in the controlled environment, of your own home that the underlying beauty of Dinosaur’s sound becomes readily apparent.

    Inventive melodies coupled with hooks based on rhythm and tension, layered with soulful vocals are the bones of dinosaur’s sound. Flesh is then added to the bones with carefully shaded guitars and deceptively simple bass riffs. As the Village Voice once said "If your ears can stand a whole set of Dinosaur, you will have the good fortune to see the best new band in America".

    Just for the record, the guys in Dinosaur are now twenty or twenty-one. When asked about their current activities, J. explained, "We moved to New York, people are more used to loud things there. Lou is delivering pizza and Murph (his real name) is looking for girls. I’m just waiting to do our first tour. Just waiting for the record to come out basically". The record is out. It is called "You’re Living All Over Me", and is available on SST.

    SST Records Press Release



    so after going to the spaceland show this past weekend. i got a chance to check out lou’s bass gear. the gear is as follows:
    rickenbacker bass
    marshall ibs 3530 SOLID STATE amp
    8×10 cabinet
    boss tuner pedal

    this is the gear he used to make all his recordings with dinosaur jr. on the contrary to the belief that he played on a superbass(i wish) lou plays through a solid state amp! my friend asked him back stage to confirm this…
    simple set up. no bones



    thats good info…
    the sound of that rick and j’s jazzmaster-when they lock or even when they go their own way-it such a cool sound…i have heard a lotta rick players but none like that-maybe it has something to do w/ the solidstate amp.
    s 8)



    i think its really the way lou plays the bass. he plays a lot of chords and that blends well with j’s sound. also the fact that he plays with a pick also makes a big difference.

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