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    Anybody seen his site? What a narcissistic SOB.

    Pictures of himself, and a nauseating journal page where
    he scanned in a handwritten scrawl of his random "thoughts".

    Compare it to this much more dignified site and you start
    to better understand the severed alliance.



    Theres a great song download available from lobbiecore, Dinosaur Jr doing a Neil Young cover, I’ve Been Waiting for You. info is in the following link…

    Neil Young Cover :aliensmile:



    Saw Lou play on Thursday – he was seriously funny and played an excellent show. I requested he play ‘the freed rat’ (about J for those unfamiliar) and he gladly obliged :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: . I know some people may here may side with J, but Lou’s ex-Dinosaur material is also great and he’s not a bad guy (plus dare I say it – a little less intimidating) :oops:



    lou effin rules guys, dinosaur and post-dinosaur, he’s just great, and i really can’t believe there are dinosaur fans who hate on him. theres no good reason to hate him and his music is awesome.



    Actually, I like Lou’s site :)

    it’s different to this site here, as Lou himself created that site and updates it regularly.
    I especially like the very consistent artwork.
    and it’s full of surprises, cool music clips … and: have you seen that your cat could be famous? :mrgreen:

    There’s also a funny statement about why he doesn’t have a message board there (because: "…Id spend hours every day ‘defending’ myself, typing pointless rants to well-meaning excessively honest fans")

    I’ve seen the New Folk Implosion in May and the gig was great. Cool that he also came over to NZ. Was it a solo gig or with band there?



    It was just Lou solo, which was really nice and personal. On on the topic of cats he played a cool song about a runaway cat of his :lol:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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