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    I’m sorry if this has been posted, but this pissed me off a lot. It’s at pitchforkmedia.com

    Pitchfork: Okay, it’s a requirement: Dinosaur Jr. stuff. You must have heard the stupid rumor that goes around that you saw J. Mascis at a show and walked up to say hi, and he was too stoned to realize who you were!! That can’t be true. Can it?

    Lou: Oh, no. Not true at all. In fact, last time I saw him I was so drunk (whiskey) that I ended up freaking out on him (memory overload). Believe me, I’ve been way more out of it than he has.

    Pitchfork: Or that other one about the Breeders– that when J. was "producing" the Breeders’ "Head to Toe" single he fell asleep at the console and Kim started playing [Sebadoh’s] "The Freed Pig" to get a rise out of him. He liked it so much he thought it was a Breeders original and made them do take after take before they told him what the song was and who it’s about. That’s got to be your favorite story ever!!

    Lou: I forgot about that. I saw Kim [Deal] last weekend at Dale Crover’s wedding (nicest one I’ve ever been to). I coulda asked her about it. I don’t know if that’s 100% true. It’s too good to be true.

    Pitchfork: Have you listened to any Dino Jr. since you left the band? It seems that J. has certainly had his high and low points of creativity– some really great post-Barlow material and some not-so-great. The Mascis and the Fog record came out pretty well.

    Lou: Haven’t heard much of it (other than Green Mind and Where You Been)– the Beachwood guys liked that "take a run at the sun" Beach Boys-esque song and it made me queasy.

    Pitchfork: It’s gotta feel good that it took no less than [ex-Minutemen bassist] Mike Watt to fill your shoes!!

    Lou: Never thought of it that way. Hmmm…



    lou barlows making me queasy <img>

    Pissed me off as well, seems the guy interviewing barlow was kissing ass by trying to make J look like some kind of… <img>

    Allison <img>



    Come on, don´t take this ´personal´ (everybody´s taking that shitty but entertaining LOU VS J stuff wayyyyyyyyyyyyy to serious) – it´s not unknown that Lou still admires J for his music (READ ´Our Band Could Be Your Life´) – these two very talented guys split ways when they were very young, and you should know how young people deal with personal surroundings (a lot more angry then a, well, ´grown-up´). And Lou was definitely kicked out by J & Murph in a rude way. But WHO F§CKIN CARES ? I love LOU & J more than any other musicians I think off. And Lou took the questions above with humor. He´s not dissing J or anything. Come on.



    I still feel queasy <img>

    I know what you’re saying, seems lou hasn’t really gotten over it though…in his own words in the above interview, the drunk and freaked out memory overload thing. Hope they have come too terms, have said that here b4, agree they are two very talented but also very different artists. My main problem was with the guy interviewing Barlow, seemed to think he had to diss J…that was my point.


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    I agree with VF about the interviewer,why bring up the J/Lou deal?you don`t read interviews with Jim O`rourke with the interviewer bringing up Dave Grubbs or interviewers asking Jeff Tweedy if he talks to Jay Farrar.



    Yeah it is pretty ridiculous. Then again, what Lou should have done was simply say ‘that was 10 years ago’. It’s obvious he enjoys talking about it, which I don’t like at all.

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