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    this is a very enjoyable short set. nice playing and lou just being his hilarious self. this make a nice filler for this sebadoh show i recently uploaded. Sebadoh 5-13-99 The Velvet Club, Rimini, Italy

    Lou set – http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=38139

    Lou Barlow
    XM 50 sattelite radio
    Washington D.C.
    The Loft Sessions #74

    Lo-Fi tunesmith Lou Barlow has been blazing his signature trail through outfits like Dinosour Jr., Sebadoh,
    and The Folk Implosion for quite a while. On his latest solo release he turns around "home" and gives us EMOH.
    Join Lou for an intimate solo acoustic performance that even finds him covering Foreigner!

    Source: (captured 4-21-05) XM sattelite radio broadcast > w-mod UA-5 >
    SB Audigy 2 via optical wav @ 44.1kHz > Wavelab 5 > CDwave > flac level 8

    01. intro
    02. My Revival
    03. The One
    04. Holding Back the Year
    05. Cold As Ice (Foreigner)
    06. Round and Round (Ratt)
    07. If I Could
    08. Pearl
    09. On Fire
    10. Legendary
    11. Morning’s After Me
    12. Man In Love (Charlie Feathers)
    13. The Ballad Of Daykitty
    14. outro


    visit Lou at http://www.loobiecore.com

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