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    Yep, Lou barlow came to my home town on the 3rd of July -christchurch. new zealand. Very cool. I saw him standing outside the venue before he played and had a chat with him. To my surprise, he is not like J at all, he was very friendly and polite. I got him to sign my Sebadoh album and he actually did it with enthusiam. The gig was very cool. Lou was playing an old 4 string accoustic, drinking wine, and goofing around. He tallked as much as he played. It was then I realised why Lou and J did’nt get along. Totally different personalites. He even asked for requests. I remember someone in the audience shouted out "play a song about J !" Lou then played ‘Freed pig’ and did a funny J vocal impersonation. He even made and insulting remark about solo’s. He’s was so cool.



    hey mjw666, thanks for the review :)

    …looks like you & Dinosaur Snr have maybe been at the same show :?: :mrgreen:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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